Cannuka Is Ulta's First CBD Skincare Line & It's Available Now If You Want In On The CBD Obsession

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of Cannuka

It seems like CBD-infused beauty products are becoming more than just a trend and might be here to stay for a bit, considering CBD skincare brands are starting to hit major retailers. The latest cannabis-infused brand to hit a mass market retailer? Cannuka, a skincare brand that infuses CBD and manuka honey into its products. The line, which first launched in October 2017, has quickly become a fan-favorite thanks to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. But where can you get Cannuka skincare products, you ask? Simple. In addition to its direct-to-consumer site, the brand just rolled out in select stores and online at Ulta locations across the U.S. (except for 15 stores in three states: South Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska). You can also shop the brand at stores like Neiman Marcus and Free People.

All five of Cannuka's skincare products boast the healing properties of cannabis, manuka honey (i.e. honey that's sourced from bees that pollinate manuka trees), and essential oils (like vitamin E, hemp seed, and grapeseed) to calm, heal, revitalize, and moisturize skin.

Read on for a breakdown of each product below.

Cannuka CBD Calming Eye Balm

The CBD oil in Cannuka's Calming Eye Balm rids the skin of dark circles and puffiness, while the manuka honey repairs collagen and the top layer of skin under the eyes. The balm warms on contact and transforms into a soft, silky consistency. According to the brand, the balm should be used twice daily to treat dark, puffy, tired eyes.

Cannuka CBD Healing Skin Balm

The brand says its Healing Skin Balm is to be used as a daily face or body moisturizer, as it reduces blemishes, moisturizes, calms inflammation, and promotes radiant skin. Like the eye balm, the skin balm warms on contact and turns into a velvety smooth lather that your skin will soak right up.

Cannuka CBD Nourishing Body Cream

In addition to CBD and manuka honey, Cannuka's CBD Nourishing Body Cream is infused with hyaluronic acid to moisturize, repair, and fill in fine lines, leaving skin supple, hydrated, and smooth. The body cream can be used as a daily body moisturizer year 'round, as it provides immediate relief and hydrates skin for hours.

Cannuka CBD Lip Balm

Why would you want CBD oil in a lip balm? Well, chapped, cracked lips can lead to inflammation of the lips. So if you're prone to chapping and cracking, especially during cold weather, this CBD balm's anti-inflammatory properties calm and reduce swelling on the top layer of the skin.

Cannuka CBD Cleansing Bar

Cannuka's Cleansing Bar is an amazing first step in a CBD-infused skincare regimen. The bar quickly forms a lather and leaves skin cleansed, calm, smooth, and hydrated.

If you've been thinking about incorporating CBD into your face and body routine and are in need of products that moisturize while keeping redness and inflammation at bay, now is your chance, as Cannuka is now readily available at one of the largest beauty retailers. Head to your local Ulta or to to get your hands on these picks.