Benefit Just Dropped A Brand-New Brow Product That Combines 2 Eyebrow Essentials

Courtesy of Benefit

It's been a hot minute since Benefit has launched a new brow product, so if you're wondering where to get Benefit Cosmetics' Brow Styler, you're not alone. Out of all the beauty brand's awesome products — its Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer concealer being my personal fave — it's perhaps most well-known for an extensive collection of eyebrow products, so a new addition to the lineup is a big deal.

The first brow product I ever used was Benefit's Gimme Brow ($24, in its original formula. I love, love, loved the way the gel gave my already-full brows some extra tint and hold, but soon after overplucking and messing with my brows to the point of no return, I realized a simple brow gel would no longer cut it, and I dove into the world of pencils, powders, etc. While I've loved a myriad of brow products, I've almost always ended up combining multiple to create my ideal brow look, so when I heard Benefit's latest drop was a two-in-one product, I was thrilled. Could this be the brow tool of my dreams? It's safe to say I had super high hopes for the Brow Styler.

Like all of Benefit's brow products, the Brow Styler comes in the brand's signature silver packaging:

Courtesy of Benefit

Unlike many of the other products, though, this baby is dual-sided, and features both a liner and a powder. OK, Benefit, you have my attention! Up top, the product features a waterproof wax pencil, with a supposed 18-hour wear time and an angled shape that makes drawing on hairs a breeze. On the other end, there's a vial of loose powder and an angled applicator, which can be dipped into the vial and then swiped along the brows to create the illusion of fullness.

I know lots of people who rely on both a power product and a liner when filling in their brows, so combining the two is a great idea:

Courtesy of Benefit

Plus, you can really mix and match to change up the look of your brows, the way you might gravitate towards different levels of foundation coverage or eyeshadow intensity depending on the day. Simply using the powder alone to fill in gaps will help brows look full, but still natural. For a more defined, stylized brow, drawing on hairs with the pencil is key. Do both? Consider the Instagram Brows of your dreams achieved.

The Brow Styler retails for $34 and comes in eight different shades, ranging from blond to black with cool, warm, and neutral undertone options:

Courtesy of Benefit

My only complaint regarding this product is that it doesn't have a spoolie to brush out brows pre- or post-application, but what sort of brow-lover doesn't already have a spoolie at the ready somewhere in their makeup bag? If the Brow Styler looks like the key to your next great brow day, you can shop it now on the Benefit website, as well as online at Ulta and Sephora on Sept. 27.