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Ariana Grande Leaked More Details About Her 'Thank U, Next' Perfume & It's Dropping So Soon

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With Ariana Grande's name constantly flooding everyone's timelines, it can be pretty difficult to keep up with the singer's every move. So if you can, think way back to May 2019, when she revealed that she would be dropping a new perfume. You'll likely remember that, when she did drop that info, she wasn't necessarily supposed to leak the news. But now, the perfume is about to launch, and Grande has officially blessed us with a few more details. So, if you're wondering where to get Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" perfume, then the singer has you covered.

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, the 26-year-old took to her personal Instagram to post an image of herself rocking a pink bralette, big hoop earrings, a sky-high ponytail, and pink makeup, while holding a perfume bottle shaped like a broken heart. "Coming to @ultabeauty august 18th #thankunext," the caption read.

There we go. The "thank u, next" perfume Grande unofficially announced back in May will be available at Ulta on Sunday, Aug. 18. While this post at least gives fans a launch date for the perfume — which is a little bit more information than Grande's non-descriptive Instagram post back in May — there are still very few details available about the new fragrance.

While it's clear the perfume launch at Ulta, it's unclear if it will be sold exclusively online, or if it will be available in Ulta stores as well, or if it'll drop at another retailer at all following the release in Ulta. Oh, Ari. Always keeping everyone on their toes.

Thanks to Grande's original post, however, fans fortunately have an idea of what the new scent will smell like. If you need a refresher, Grande's first post back on Sunday, May 5 showed Grande wearing one of the outfits from her "thank u, next" music video. You know the one: the pink feathery crop top and matching sheer jacket from the bend and snap scene. Alongside the image was the cryptic caption, "so i’ve been working on a ‘thank u, next’ fragrance ... & i can’t wait for u to see / smell her .... she’s like ‘ari’ if she went to the beach one time 🥥🖤✉️ i’ll keep u posted ... i don’t think i was supposed to announce this today but i’m excited and it smells divine so fuck it ... hi perfume team love u 👋🏼"

Considering the already-existing Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum ($62, is full of notes of crispy pear, grapefruit, rose buds, vanilla orchid, and marshmallows (just to name a few), I'm willing to bet the "thank u, next" perfume will smell as intoxicatingly sweet as the first, but with a few summery notes added to it. I'm thinking sweet yet beach-inspired, with scents like coconut or driftwood.

Considering Grande's new fragrance drops pretty freaking soon, you'll wanna start saving up your coins to cop the new scent as soon as it drops. Be sure to pay close attention to, so that you can add the new perfume to your digital shopping cart as soon as it launches on Sunday, Aug. 18.