Ariana Grande Just Announced A Brand-New Fragrance Is On Its Way... But Maybe She Wasn't Supposed To

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get ready to smell sweet AF this summer. On Sunday, May 5, Ariana Grande took to her personal Instagram to announce that she is working on a new scent. But what is Ariana Grande's new perfume? Well, she didn't give away too many details. And now that we're talking about it, it seems like maybe she wasn't actually supposed to announce it just yet...

The "thank u, next" singer posted an image of herself in one of the outfits from her "thank u, next" music video. You know the one: the pink feathery crop top and matching sheer jacket from the bend and snap scene. The pic was accompanied by a caption low-key announcing the new perfume. According to the caption, the new "thank u, next" perfume smells like the summer version of her previously released scent Ari. "She’s like ‘ari’ if she went to the beach one time," Grande continued in the post's caption.

Considering the Ari perfume is made up of fragrance notes like crispy pear, pink grapefruit, rose buds, vanilla orchid, and marshmallows (just to name a few), I'm willing to bet that the "thank u, next" fragrance will be a lighter scent that has a few more hints of citrusy notes, making it the perfect juicy scent for summer.

This new fragrance is the fifth perfume that Grande will have released. So far, the singer has blessed us with the aforementioned Ari perfume, as well as scents like Cloud, a creamy coconut vanilla scent, Sweet Like Candy, a sugary sweet scent, and Moonlight, a sweet and sultry scent.

In addition to sharing the news of her new fragrance, Grande also alluded to the fact that she may not have gotten approval from her perfume team prior to revealing that a new product was on its way. "I don’t think i was supposed to announce this today but i’m excited and it smells divine so f*ck it ... hi perfume team love u 👋🏼," read the second half of the caption.

While the 25-year-old didn't specifically mention when or where the new scent will drop, I'm willing to bet that we can expect it online and in stores at retailers like Ulta and Kohls, just like her other fragrances. As far as timing of the release, since Grande did mention that the new scent is a beachy one, I think it's safe to say the newness will arrive in time for summer.

The "thank u, next" perfume isn't the first product inspired by the hit single and album. In fact, the singer released a line of "thank u, next" merch back in February. The collection, which is still available on, features products like a light pink crewneck sweatshirt with the text "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored," a black baseball cap with the text "thank u, next," a black crewneck sweatshirt with the text "7 rings," and much more.

While you patiently wait for Grande and her team to announce when exactly you can expect the new perfume to drop, you can still cop one of her other four fragrances, or even some new gear from her "thank u, next" merchandise, if you need your fix of Ari goods as soon as possible.