So Beauty Sponge Washing Machines Are A Thing, & They're Low-Key Genius

2020 is the year I step up my game in anyand every way possible, so when I heard I could buy a Beautyblender washing machine, I knew I had to do it. I'm making ~money moves~ this year, I have no time to waste washing my beauty sponges! The pink mini washing machine in question went viral back in May 2019, when it was first used for beauty purposes by social media influencer Tiffany Lynette Davis. Her original Instagram post showing the washing machine in action has garnered almost a million views — in fact, the hype was so real that Davis even made a follow-up video on YouTube answering everyone's questions on how the machine worked. Curious? TBH, what beauty-lover with a handful of makeup-caked beauty sponges wouldn't be?

While Davis's Instagram video was the first to portray the little pink washing machine as a sponge cleaner, she clarifies in her YouTube video that it wasn't marketed that way online when she purchased it. "It's not made for this use at all, but you can use it, and if you're extra like me and you like super cute, fun, girly gadgets, you will love this," she tells her viewers. However, after the viral video, lots of Amazon sellers updated their listings to refer to the product as a Mini Makeup Brush Cleaner Device ($11, Amazon). The power of social media, y'all!

Check out the video that got everyone excited below:

In her YouTube video, Davis gives a few more deets on how it works. She fills up the machine with water, adds a squirt of her fave cleanser, turns on the ~rinse cycle~ and throws her beauty sponge in. After, she rinses off her soapy sponge and voila! It's pretty damn clean. "So I can honestly say it's not too bad," she admits, showing off the finished product "But would I recommend this for everyday use? No. Like I said, this is a toy. This is not a Beautyblender or makeup sponge washer, so just beware of that when you see sites advertising it as that since I posted this video." Side note, how is she not getting a cut of the profits on these things? There's no way tiny pink doll house washing machines were selling out before her video. She deserves some of that coin!


Okay, so it's not TECHNICALLY a Beautyblender washing machine, but does the AA-battery-powered contraption work like one? Yes indeed, it does! If you want to snag one for your own glam station, you can shop this baby on Amazon now.