The Quay x Benefit Sunglasses Are So Pretty, I'm Not Even Mad They'll Hide My Eye Makeup

Courtesy of Benefit

In the summer, I hate having to cover up my eye makeup with a pair of sunglasses. Hey, I worked hard on this shadow blend, this precise liquid line, and these carefully-placed falsies, so can you blame me? Fortunately, there's a new drop of sunnies that are as pretty as actual eye makeup, and if you're wondering where to buy the Quay x Benefit sunglasses to get your peepers summer-ready, start saving up, because they're launching soon, and just like you have a different eye look for every outfit, you'll want every pair for your summer wardrobe.

In addition to incredible formulas, the one thing Benefit Cosmetics always nails is their packaging. Their vibe is retro with an updated, Instagram-friendly twist, and of course, there's always lots of pink. It's the kind of aesthetic that deserves to be shared beyond just makeup packaging, so I was beyond thrilled to hear that the brand was collaborating with Quay Australia, my all-time favorite brand for sunglasses. Quay literally just released a collaboration with J. Lo and A Rod, like, five minutes ago, but it looks like they have no intentions of slowing down anytime soon, because these new shades are a festival-goer's dream.

Benefit packaging is so stylish and fun...

...And Quay are the masters of bold, selfie-worthy sunnies...

So a collab just makes sense. Bring on the pink!

Before we get into the actual styles, can we talk about All Abrowed It? The two companies designed a joke pair of frames that featured a cut-out lens for easy access during brow touchups, and honestly? I would buy these IRL. And I'm not the only one! "Ok no joke this time, I would actually buy the brow sunnies," wrote one commentor on Instagram, another admitting, "Okay but I’m sitting here low key bummed cause I like them." Same, ladies, same.

This didn't have to be an April Fools' joke, they're actually really chic:

But don't worry because there are three other pairs to choose from in the real collection, all available in both black and pink colorways. Love! The line drops on April 3 on both Benefit's website and Quay's website.

First up is Shade Queen ($60,, the collection's boldest, most boxy style:

Courtesy of Benefit

Next up is Shook ($55,, with a more rounded shape:

Courtesy of Benefit

Last but not least, there's Tinted Love ($55,, which look just like the shades on the packaging of Benefit's GALifornia Blush ($30,

Courtesy of Benefit

In addition to the sunnies themselves, there's also the Benefit Sunnies Chain ($15,, in case you do need to take off your shades and show off a well-groomed brow or an expertly-applied eye look:

Courtesy of Benefit

This is seriously the collab I didn't know I needed, and now that it's here, I want every pair in black and pink. Finally, sunnies pretty enough to justify covering up my eye makeup. Congrats on creating the impossible, Benefit and Quay!