DefineMe Is Releasing Disney Princess Perfumes, Starting With 'The Little Mermaid'

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of DefineMe

Lately, the beauty industry has allowed Disney-lovers to feel equal parts nostalgic and royal by creating countless Disney Princess-inspired makeup collections. Well, now you can smell like your favorite princess too thanks to the release of DefineMe's Disney Princess Perfumes collection. The indie perfume brand will release a range of perfumes inspired Disney's royal princesses, and the first to be released is the Ariel perfume in celebration of The Little Mermaid's 30th anniversary. So if you're wondering where to buy the DefineMe x Disney Princess Perfumes so you too can smell like royalty, then you're in luck as I've got all of the majestic details for you.

On Aug. 10, DefineMe will reveal the first perfume of the Disney collection at BeautyCon in Los Angeles before it is available for retail. Then, beginning in the Fall, with the exact date still yet to be confirmed, the Ariel perfume will be available on,,, and in select Disney Stores.

The mermaid-inspired perfume will be available in two sizes: a 75 milliliter bottle and a 9 milliliter travel-size bottle. The larger perfume bottle looks just like Ariel's fins with metallic green scales covering the bottle. It has the name "Ariel" etched in cursive at the top of the bottle and is capped off with an iridescent seashell top. The smaller travel-size bottles are a light, iridescent teal and have an iridescent pearl-colored spray top.

Now, if you're wondering what the Ariel perfume smells like, you'd be right to assume that it is a beachy yet intoxicatingly adventurous scent. According to a press release that DefineMe sent to Elite Daily, the fragrance is inspired by the sea, as well as Ariel's natural sense of adventure and curiosity. The top notes include a splash of citrusy neroli and bergamot, while the middle note is a sweet floral scent that includes jasmin and lilac, and the scent that you are left with is a blend of tonka bean, coconut, and driftwood — so you can smell like you've been under the sea.

If you're not familiar with DefineMe perfumes, then you should know that all of the brand's fragrances are cruelty-free and 100% vegan, so you can feel good about wearing its scents on the daily. The large Ariel perfume will retail for $88 and the travel-size perfume will retail for $28 which are both comparable in price to the rest of the DefineMe line.

In addition to the Disney Princess perfumes that will be launching soon, DefineMe is best known for their fragrance mists, fragrance hair mists, and fragrance oils — all of which were designed with the understanding between scent and emotion in mind.

While there's no word yet on which Disney Princess will inspire DefineMe's next perfume, you can stayed tune in about the Ariel perfume drop, as well as the proceeding perfumes, by signing up for notifications on the brand's website, and following along on Instagram (@definemefragrance). That way, if you've ever dreamed of being a part of Ariel's world — now you can, no big deal.