Rosé-Flavored Cotton Candy Is Here & It'll Be Your Go-To Dessert

From chocolate roses to heart candies with sappy sayings on them — and of course endless bottles of bubbly — Valentine's Day is chock full of sweet and delicious treats. While chocolate, heart candies, and champagne are all perfect ways to express your undying affection this holiday season, one ingenious store just came out with the ultimate V-Day game-changer: rosé-flavored cotton candy. If you want to win over the heart of your lover this February, make sure to find out where to buy rosé-flavored cotton candy; it will truly whisk your partner away.

To express your abiding affection to both friends and lovers this Hallmark holiday, we highly recommend sneaking in some of that fruity, millennial pink fluff for a just little extra sugar. Reminiscent of those romantic summer nights, cotton candy is nostalgic and always fun to eat, while rosé is straight up delicious. TBH, it's always the right way to go for any wine-appropriate situation. We're honestly kind of jealous we didn't have access to this stuff in college, because it would have served many important purposes — from coming in clutch as the perfect study snack, to being the ideal sweet treat amidst some steamy hugs and kisses with that old boo-thang.


While many young romantics are immediately inclined to flock to the nearest grocery store or pharmacy to shop for those classic (yet also inexpensive) V-Day delicacies, rosé cotton candy is actually sold at Target (so obviously your Valentine's Day shopping trip will turn into, like, an all-day affair). Each delicious tub of Valentine's Champagne Flavored Cotton Candy (which comes in both a rosé and champagne flavor) goes for only $2.99.

So I bet you're waiting for the catch... right? Ha, gotcha! There is no catch. Each tub of rosé and champagne-flavored cotton candy is super cheap, and it's inarguably the sweetest and original way to express your affection to your fave snuggle buddy. Let's face it: Wine-flavored cotton candy sounds pretty amazing. So that is 100 percent going down on all of our V-Day shopping lists right now... am I right?

If your partner is a big-time rosé fan, but you're kind of looking to present them with something homemade, make sure to check out this dope recipe for rosé doughnuts. Baked with love in every single delectable bite, we are absolutely certain they will win the heart of your wine-lovin' partner. Warm their heart and ultimately fill their stomachs with the fruity and deliciousness of these boozy desserts — because trust us, they're worth the extra work. And for more romantic AF rosé fun for V-Day, make sure to look into this giant list of other rosé-flavored things for your partner. Each option is super pink and #aesthetic, super tasty, and hella cute for that pink and wine-loving Valentine.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If your partner has a major sweet tooth with a passion for wine, rosé-flavored anything is most definitely the key to their heart this V-Day. Make sure to stop by Target for a few buckets of rosé and/or champagne-flavored cotton candy, because there's no way that fluff won't win them over. If cotton candy isn't quite their vibe, or if you're looking to whip up something special yourself, bake up a batch of rose-flavored doughnuts. Or even take a look at any of the other rosé-flavored faves we listed. There are countless directions you can take for your V-Day gift, and rosé is definitely a favorite. And although you still have time to get your valentine a gift, make sure to plan ahead of time and get your partner that special something while you can! The love sells out quickly.

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