Here's Where You Can Buy 'Rugrats' Reptar Bars For A Sweet Taste Of '90s Nostalgia

by Brenda Santana

Were you obsessed with Rugrats as a kid? Did you imagine yourself going on the same fun adventures Tommy, Chuckie, and the rest of the gang went on in their living rooms? Could you almost taste the Reptar Bars everyone would drool over? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you, my friend, need pick up one of the deliciously nostalgic Reptar Bars that are currently being sold. I bet you are wondering where to buy Reptar Bars — and lucky for you, I've have the answer.

If your mouth waters at the thought of taking a bite out of a Reptar Bar, I have good news: You can buy a Reptar Bar — complete with green slime filling and all — in the coming week at FYE stores, FoodBeast reports. FYE made the announcement via their Facebook page (am I the only one shocked that FYE still exists?) and '90s nostalgia lovers can't believe their childhood dream is becoming a reality.

Unlike the dinosaur-shaped chocolate bars Angelica used to devour, the real-life version will be rectangular — but like the animated version, the real-life Reptar Bars will have that neon green filling that will definitely turn your mouth green.

Naturally, people are really hype about the upcoming new candy bars.

"I need to somehow get my hands on a Reptar Bar."


"one reptar bar please"

"Someone go with me to fye after work to get a reptar bar please"

"Ay so if you want to make me feel better but don't know how head over to your nearest @officialfye and pick me up a Reptar Bar or two"

"I'm about to go get a Reptar Bar here in a few myself actually lol. I only heard about it last night and it'd be a crime if I didn't buy it"


FYE counts on 251 locations around the U.S. and you can find a store near you on their website. If there is no FYE location around you — or your local FYE ran out of the coveted chocolate bars — you can always head over to FYE's website and find boxes of Reptar Cereal, instead! No, that's not a typo, FYE is also offering boxes of Reptar Cereal (which look a lot like fruit loops) and they are available for pre-order right now.

Each box retails for $12.99, but you can get it for as low as $11.69 per box if you are an FYE member. If you don't want pre-order, you can visit FYE's site on Nov. 1, when the cereal will be available to everyone for purchase. In case you were wondering, there is a lot of hype behind this Reptar cereal, too.

"I want the new Reptar cereal from @officialfye but i'm not trying to pay no $13 for it"

That's the price you gotta pay for nostalgia!

"All we need is Reptar cereal so we can live the dream!"

"Reptar cereal is coming!!!! Hold on to your diapers!!!!"

If you aren't too into the idea of eating all of those additional calories but feel like you need Reptar nostalgia, you can also get an exclusive Reptar Funko Pop doll at FYE as well.

OK, that's a whole lot of Rugrats nostalgia for one day! Make sure to visit your local FYE to get yourself a Reptar Bar that will actually turn your tongue green.

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