TBH, I'm A Bronze Goddess Just LOOKING At Morphe's New Bronze Goals Collection — EXCLUSIVE

Courtesy of Morphe

I don't know about you guys out there, but this pale girl is ready to kick winter to the freaking curb and give summer (and a subsequent tan) a big, fat kiss hello. After burying myself in 16 different layers for what feels like the last 600 years (OK, like, five months), I'll gladly throw myself at the first thing that reminds me of summer — and that thing is Morphe's brand-new Bronze Goals Collection, a line of five new products that'll make you feel like you were just kissed by the sun... even if you're still walking through piles of snow.

The Bronze Goals Collection, which is available to purchase on the Morphe website and in Morphe stores as of Thursday, Feb. 28, is made up of five products — an eyeshadow palette, lip glosses, a bronzer, a fluffy face and body bronzer brush, and liquid highlighter drops. In case you missed the memo, let me drive the point home: When you use all the items in this collection, you're gonna be bronzed, and you're gonna be glowing. Bronzed. Glowing. You know, the two genders.

As for what inspired the brand to release the collection, well, if you, too, are sick of winter and are in desperate need of a vacation and the sun, you'll relate pretty hard. "You know that feeling when winter has gone on a bit too long and you’re longing for a tropical vacay to give you that sun-kissed glow?" Janine Gettinger, Morphe’s Vice President of Global Brand Development, tells Elite Daily exclusively in a statement. "We wanted to give you that glow in a collection — no traveling required."

Feast your yearning-for-sun eyes on what I already consider the highest level of #BronzeGoals ever imaginable:

Courtesy of Morphe

All right, let's break down the product lineup, shall we? To give you that "I spent all day in the sun but mysteriously only got the perfect bronze-y shade without a single ounce of sunburn" color, Morphe presents the Glamabronze Face & Body Bronzer, which also happens to be a formula Morphe's never offered before.

Retailing for $19, this product comes in three shades — icons, megastar, and phenom (from lightest to darkest) — so you can land on your perfect shade of bronze. To do that, Morphe's Director of Global Artistry Lipstick Nick has a pretty simple pro-tip. "I always recommend going about two to three shades deeper with your bronzer," she tells Elite Daily exclusively. "You can always add in a little bit of something darker after that to add depth or more color in certain areas, but start with a more natural tone as a base."

Unfortunately, this baby's out of stock at the moment (ugh, I know), but I have a feeling the brand will bring it back super soon. And given that Lipstick Nick says this formula is "the most buttery-smooth matte [she's] ever used," I'd say this is worth the wait.

You can't have a bomb bronzer without the right tool to basically drown yourself in it. That's a rule I 100 percent just made up, but sounds right, regardless. Anyway, if you've fallen in love with Morphe brushes (who hasn't, TBH?), prepare to fall in love with another one. The $24 limited edition Glamabronze Deluxe Face & Body Bronzer Brush appears to be slightly bigger than your average kabuki brush so you can bronze all areas of your face and body quickly and easily.

OK, OK, you've got your bronze. Now, it's time for the glow. And if I'm being honest, I'd say the glow from Morphe's new Liquid Luster Mini Highlighter Drops isn't for the faint of heart. Another all-new formula in the Morphe fam, the highlighter drops retail for $25 and are available in four illuminating shades: "Flash," a golden bronze; "Strobe," a light pink; "Optic," a champagne shimmer; and "Flare," a rose gold. You can mix this liquid formula with your fave foundation for a subtle all-over glow or you can wear it on your own if you prefer to assume your true alien persona with an other-worldly glow.

Clearly, your bronzer and your glow are about to be poppin', but your lip gloss? Well, Lil Mama didn't even see this one coming, let's put it that way. The Hot Tropic Lip Gloss Collection costs $32 and comes with five high-shine shades of lip gloss to perfectly complement your beat. Even better? Morphe claims the formula isn't sticky, so, you know, your hair won't get caught on your lips and ruin those "candid," "my hair is perfectly blowing in the wind" summer pics.

The collection features new shades "Beach Goals" (a glittery champagne), "Kiss Kiss" (a rose shade), and "Punch" (a vibrant coral), as well as already-existing shades "Sunnies" (a shiny amber) and "Sauced" (a high-shine bronze). This product, too, sold out already (what can I say? Morphe babes are freaky fast!), but keep your eyes peeled on Morphe's website and social media for restock news.

And, finally, the pièce de résistance of the entire collection is clearly the 35G Bronze Goals Artistry Palette. The $25 eyeshadow palette features a whopping 35 shades in shimmer and matte finishes. The ample selection of rose golds, bronzes, coppers, and even greens will give you a killer eye look (no, really, like, I think these looks would be so badass, they could end someone), no matter what combination you try.

Swatch any Morphe eyeshadow palette once, and you'll see immediately how pigmented and creamy this formula feels. If you don't believe me, believe Lipstick Nick: "The artistry palette has all you need for the perfect every day bronze look, plus a mix of rich neutrals and sparkling metallics." According to her, 2019's biggest beauty trends don't show glowy, dewy skin or metallic shadows going anywhere. With this palette and the rest of Bronze Goals, hopping on those trends won't be hard.

You'll also notice that there are bronze-y shades and glowy shades in this palette to give you multiple looks for any mood you're feeling. And according to Gettinger, that was very much intentional on the brand's part. "We’re living for the 35G Bronze Goals Artistry Palette," she says. "The rich, warm, and metallic tones are so versatile — you can turn up the heat or amp up the glow depending on what kind of bronze look you’re feeling."

Courtesy of Morphe

DAMN, IS IT HOT IN HERE OR WHAT? Head to the Morphe website or your nearest Morphe store ASAP to turn up the heat with your beat. (I'm sorry.) If you're all in for summer, then count yourself all in for being #BronzeGoals this season.