Kourtney Kardashian Wore A Hot AF New Bikini & Bible, It's Actually Affordable

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The first-born child of Kardashian-Jenner matriarch Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian is used to having others steal her style. It's probably usually just her sisters, but the eldest Kar-Jenner is about to have a lot of other copycats. Here's where to buy Kourtney Kardashian's bikini because it's actually totally affordable.

The Kardashians know a thing or two about expensive clothing. The sisters and their momager are known for their love of designers such as Balmain, Gucci, Yeezy, Alexander Wang – the list goes on. Kendall Jenner wore a pair of $10,000 boots to a basketball game one time, just for reference. In contrast, though, Kylie Jenner wore Fashion Nova a few times recently, taking a stab at clothes us regular folk can afford. Jenner's older sister seemed to like what she saw and Kourtney Kardashian collaborated with Pretty Little Thing, bringing her fierce style to the masses. Kardashian must have discovered a soft spot for such affordable clothing because she's been rocking fast fashion more and more as of late and I must say, I'm not mad.

Kardashian's most recent #lewk was one of the most low-key chic bikinis I've ever seen. Even better than the style itself? The fact that her fans can snag it, too.

"You can find me here," Kardashion captioned her photo. As a Kar-Jenner super fan myself, I can identify "here" as Kardashian's own backyard. I'd like to be hanging out back there myself, but in lieu of my pool party invitation, at least I can dress like the reality star and be there in spirit.

I've seen bathing suits that cost upwards of $300 and what makes a tiny piece of synthetic fabric cost so much, I'll never know. Kardashian, who could definitely afford such expensive swimwear, has apparently to decided to be a bit frugal with her current bikini choice.

Naked Wardrobe Knot Your Beach Bikini in Coffee

This brown set is from a brand called Naked Wardrobe which, first of all, thank you Kourtney for introducing me to because secondly, their swimwear and so cute. I also never would have thought to buy a brown bathing suit, it's not exactly a vibrant summer color, but the mother of three makes it look chic AF.

Almost all of Naked Wardrobe's bathing suits are earth-toned, save for the black and white options, but I dare you to step outside of your yellow polka dot bikini zone and try something more minimalist. The brand's swimwear caps out at $46, so you can maybe even buy two!

Kardashian has worn some other not too outrageously expensive swimwear recently. In May, the bikini-fanatic posted this "photo by Mason" to show off an understatedly sexy black bikini from Aexae.

Aexae Tyra Top in Black

This bathing suit is slightly pricier than her brown bikini, but a plus is that the pieces are sold separately, so you can mix and match and create your own unique set.

Aexae Arizona Bottoms in Black

Kardashian chose a bottom with more coverage to compliment her string bikini top.

Kim Kardashian West is also a fan of Aexae, and wore a bikini from the same brand as her elder sister while the two were on vacation in Turks and Caicos.

Aexae Heather Top in Black

Mrs. West chose a sports bra-inspired top.

Aexae Karen Bottoms in Black

Kardashian West also looks to be wearing a slightly higher-rise bikini bottom, a style which she has favored in the past.

I'd say Kourtney wins for best swim style overall, though. The first-born Kardashian daughter is practically always jet-setting to exotic beaches around the world, so she's got lots of opportunities to show of her swimwear style.