Beyoncé Dropped Valentine’s Day Merch & Hold Up, You’re About To Be Dangerously In Love

Flowers and candy are not all that a girl wants for Valentine's Day, because this girl wants all things Beyoncé. The queen herself heard my cries and released a new capsule collection of romantic-themed apparel and accessories, just in time for the lurve holiday. Here's where to buy Beyonce's Valentine's Day merchandise, because why wouldn't you?

Yoncé's had my heart ever since her Destiny's Child days. My love for her could practically pay my bills, bills, bills. I'm an independent woman, yet I have an unnatural dependency on Beyoncé and how she lives her life. I've dressed up as Queen Bey for Halloween three times over the last five years (excessive? Nah) and I'm plotting out when I'll be able to convince my boyfriend to do a Beyonce/JAY-Z couples costume (it might be a while).

The point I'm getting at is that I don't invest in just any old artist merch, but I'm a serious Beyoncé fan, so Bey's stuff is worth it. When the Beyonce holiday merch dropped, my gifts were all covered up in "Best Revenge Is Your Paper" wrapping paper. And the monarch has struck again with her new Valentine's Day line. It includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and phone cases. Nothing is overtly cheesy — and yet it's all flawlessly festive for V-Day.

All Night T-Shirt


What are you going to be doing all night? Or do I not want to know? If Galentine's day is more your style, imagine your squad decked out in these matching shirts as you watch sappy rom coms all night long.

Bey Mine Crop Top


Turn that cherry out! Looks out I've been spelling the phrase "be mine" wrong my entire life, it's actually spelled "bey mine." The queen has schooled me once again.

Cherry Phonecase


Beyoncé's cherry game is strong. But Bey, I already said I'd be yours, you don't have to keep asking.

Bootylicious Shorts



Beyoncé in the front, Bootylicious in the back. These retro shorts are reminiscent of Bey's "Blow" music video so break out your skates!

Fantasies T-Shirt


You know what would really fulfill my fantasies? If I could meet Beyoncé. This throwback shirt is a nod to some of the singer's first solo songs, the queen has come a long way since her "Naughty Boy" days.

Fantasies Phonecase


This design has a matching phone case too. The phone cases are for iPhones only but can fit models ranging from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone X (plus size phones included).

Rocket Hoodie Sweatshirt



Bey is sultry AF in this photo. This hooded sweatshirt is an ode her song "Rocket" with some of the lyrics printed on the front, and a still shot from the music video on the back.

Bey Mine Phonecase


I'm yours, Bey, just say the word!

King Of Hearts Longsleeve Shirt


This shirt has a bad*ss illustration of King Bey from JAY-Z's "Family Feud" music video. I always thought Beyoncé was queen, but maybe she's rebranding herself as king. Either way, there's no doubt that she's literal royalty.

The rest of the Bey Hive fan-girled over the new merch, too.

"'Yea, I'll take whatever Beyoncé is selling for #ValentinesDay, thanks boo.' 🌹," I couldn't agree more.

"F*ck a Valentine's Day, unless my bitch look like Beyoncé," said one user. Ditto.

"Valentine’s Day gift from me to me will probably be the Beyonce V Day March 😍," said a girl after my own heart.

"I don’t care I am getting the Beyoncé Valentine’s Day merch. My queen has me shook once again," tweeted one fan.

"I REALLY LOVE BEYONCÈ NEW 2018 VALENTINE'S DAY CAPSULE ❤️ SO CUTE!!" That gif is me in a nutshell.

Happy Bey Day, I mean, V-Day!