Rihanna & Donald Glover's Movie 'Guava Island' Will Stream For Free Online This Saturday

by Dylan Kickham
Caroline McCredie/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Last summer, the internet exploded as photos of Rihanna and Donald Glover together in Cuba went viral, along with speculative reports that they were filming a secret project together called Guava Island. Now we know for sure that Guava Island is real... although the film is still shrouded in secrecy. It won't be a secret for much longer, though, because Rihanna and Donald Glover's movie is premiering this weekend, and anyone can watch it totally for free! So, where can you watch Guava Island when it is released? It will reportedly only stream free for a limited time, so be sure you are ready.

Donald Glover confirmed that he will be premiering Guava Island at Coachella this weekend shortly after his headlining performance as his musical alter-ego Childish Gambino. But thankfully, you do not need to have a Coachella ticket to watch the movie. Childish Gambino will hit the stage at 11:25 p.m. PST on Friday night, and then he will screen Guava Island right after midnight at 12:01 a.m. PST. Fans not in attendance can either watch the premiere screening free on Coachella's live-stream on YouTube, or if you don't want to stay up until midnight PST (which is 3 a.m. EST), then you can watch the movie for free on Amazon Prime Video. Yep — Guava Island will stream for free on Amazon's video platform, even if you do not have a Prime membership. Glover even shared the Amazon link so you won't have to search for it.

Amazon Prime Video confirmed the streaming on Saturday, April 13, and the company also shared a short clip with footage from Guava Island. You cannot really tell too much from this quick footage, but it looks like a kidnapping is taking place.

You are going to have to act fast if you want to watch Guava Island without paying, though. Vanity Fair reports that the film will only be available for free on Amazon Prime Video for 18 hours: from 12:01 a.m. PST on Saturday to 6 p.m. PST that same day. So just be sure that you watch the movie on Saturday, or if you already happen to have a Prime membership, then you will likely be able to watch it whenever you want.

Of course, the big question surrounding Guava Island is what the visual project really is. Vanity Fair's exclusive report referred to it as a "music-driven, hour-long film" and gave a brief plot description about it being a tropical thriller in which Glover plays a local musician who is determined to throw a festival for his island community. So... is this an action movie? Or a musical? Or could is possibly be Rihanna and Glover's answer to Lemonade — a narrative string of music videos announcing a full album collaboration between the two artists? Of course, this mystery is part of what will cause tons of fans to tune into Guava Island on Saturday, so we will all find out what it is together then.

Guava Island will begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video on Saturday, April 13.