These Two Galaxy Note 9 Colors Are Missing From The U.S. Samsung Website For A Sad Reason

I hate to admit it, but I definitely judge a phone by its color. That's why I'm so excited that Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 comes in Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue. However, those of you who aren't into cool-toned color schemes are probably wondering where the Metallic Copper and Midnight Black Galaxy Note 9 phones are. They're missing from Samsung's website, and it's a bummer for those living in certain areas of the world. Elite Daily reached out to Samsung to inquire about the missing color options, and the company confirmed that Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue are the only colors available in the United States for the time being. Samsung says that colors are dependent on region, and that the additional options will be launched in other global markets.

Those who watched Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event on Thursday, Aug. 9 were exposed to four beautiful colors that the Galaxy Note 9 will come in. They include Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue, Metallic Copper, and Midnight Black. Each version is sleek and stylish, but only two colors are available on Samsung's website to reserve. As I previously mentioned, Metallic Copper and Midnight Black are nowhere to be found on the company's page, but Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue are.

What gives, Samsung? Throughout the duration of the Galaxy Unpacked event, I didn't hear anyone mention that only two colors would be available online. So, not seeing a full selection of the color options is a little bit alarming. However, Samsung has confirmed to Elite Daily that only two colors will be available in the United States. Based off Samsung's website, those colors are obviously Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue. Apparently, the same thing happened one year ago during Samsung's previous Galaxy release. According to Android Authority, Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue Galaxy Notes are the only colors sold in America.

If you live in the United States and are hoping to purchase a Metallic Copper or Midnight Black Galaxy Note 9, I'd try to find out which markets are offering the colors. Or, you can wait to see if the versions will eventually become available on Samsung's website. While you're waiting, you can check out the other new products that Samsung unveiled today, like the Galaxy Watch.

The Galaxy Watch comes in three colors including rose gold, silver, and black. If you end up not being able to purchase the Galaxy Note 9 in silver or black, hopefully you can get the Galaxy Watch in those hues when it becomes available for pre-order at midnight on Aug. 10. I'm crossing my fingers for you (even though I'm quite obsessed with the rose gold).


If watches aren't your thing and you're still hoping to order a Midnight Black or Metallic Copper Galaxy 9, hang in there. The colors are not available in the United States right now, but Samsung says they will be launched in various other global markets. Once you find a market that sells them, why not take a trip? I mean, c'mon, what's better than going on vacation and buying a new phone?