If You're A Light Sleeper, These 5 Struggles Are All Too Real

by Tessa Harvey

If you're a light sleeper, you know that the struggle of getting a comfortable night's sleep is all too real. It's just another night of waking up every couple hours, and another morning when you wake up (once again) from even the slightest sound. If you're a light sleeper, I totally feel you. There's nothing quite like going to sleep absolutely exhausted, only to wake up to the soft sound of footsteps in the hall, or your roommate snoring two rooms away. Seriously though, we can't catch a break! It's safe to say that when you're a light sleeper, the struggles are far and wide — but you're not alone.

I know that we are a very large bunch of people. I only know a few deep sleepers, and I've got to admit that I'm pretty jealous of their sleeping schedule. Oh, what it must be like to have a sound sleep and not be interrupted by the wind outside! Meanwhile, light sleepers go through a seven-step sleep process to ensure they'll get some restful snooze time. I'm telling you, it's truly unfair.

Anyway, if you're a light sleeper, there are just some struggles you know you'll always have to deal with, hands down. At least there are others to share the pain with, you know? These five things affect light sleepers across the board, and will have you saying, "same."

Your Noise Machine Is Your Most Valued Possession

All light sleepers I know have some sort of noise preference for their sleeping. Whether it may be a fan, a white noise machine, a YouTube video of a gentle rainfall, or the sound of the waves softly crashing on the shore, it'll soothe you to sleep in just about no time.

This method is really great and all, but it also totally ruins you. If you've used one of these for awhile now, it's almost impossible to fall asleep without it. You hear everything — like the creak of the wood floor three rooms over. Creepy.

Waking You Up Is Way Too Easy

Yeah, this one's kind of a given struggle, but can we just chill for a sec and really break this down? Light sleepers, you're so semi-aware of what's going on while sleeping, that even someone turning the handle on your door is bound to wake you up. UGH.

The one upside to being such a light sleeper? With all of the noises around, you're not one to miss your alarm in the morning. So, cheers to punctuality.

You Can Hear Your Roommate's Alarms... Every Single Day

Yeah, been there, done that. All roommates know that at one point or another, you start to have crazy different schedules... so that means while one person is sleeping, the other roomie probably isn't. But when you're a light sleeper, unfortunately, that's just not happening. Your body heard your roommate's alarm before she even did, and now you're awake. No hard feelings, roommates. You just can't help it.

Falling Back Asleep Takes Literally Forever

For as often as you wake up, you'd think you'd be tired enough to go back to sleep almost immediately, right? But of course, that's not the case at all. Your body insists on you lying there, wide awake, until you blissfully slip into sleep again (only to hear the fridge make noise a half hour later). You're up, once again, dealing with the same dilemma.

You Need Your Room To Be Completely Dark

Any sort of light is a no-no for light sleepers. You love having the sun up as early as you are, but you don't want to see it until you're truly ready to hang. That's why you throw a blanket up on your window, buy blackout curtains, or bury yourself deep under the covers so you can be in peace. (Not speaking from experience, or anything.)