5 Accurate Struggles You Go Through When You Under-Pack For A Trip

by Kristin Corpuz

Let's face it: Packing is quite possibly the most stressful thing about traveling. Fitting everything you need into your suitcase can be a major struggle, and even if you pack your luggage so tightly that you have to sit on it to close it, there's still a chance that you forgot something. I always self-edit when I pack, and that has often led to me forgetting things or leaving things behind. When you under-pack, you know these five things are totally true — and you deal with it in the best way you can.

Under-packing means you have to get really creative with your outfits, you may have to buy or borrow things from your friends when you arrive at your destination, you rely on the amenities from your accommodations, and of course, you accept the fact that under-packing is really just part of the whole traveling experience. Even though leaving something at home can be stressful in the moment you realize you forgot it, no problem is unfixable in the grand scheme of things.

Traveling is such a fun journey, and packing — or under-packing — is just part of it. Try not to stress too much, even if it feels like leaving some things out of your suitcase is the end of the world. (I promise, it's not.) The memories you make on the trip will make any forgotten items a worry of the past.

You Constantly Have To Be Creative With Your Outfits
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Under-packing clothes on any trip means you have to be flexible with your outfits. It means repeating clothes, wearing them in different ways, layering as much as you can, and accessorizing differently so that all of your outfits can stand out from each other.

I've definitely under-packed more than once, and those experiences taught me how I can wear clothes in different ways to make the most out of my outfits. Whether it's wearing a bralette as a crop top, wearing a hat to make a dress look different, or adding a belt to a jumpsuit to give it a different silhouette, under-packing taught me a ton about styling with limited supplies.

You Begin To Low-Key Panic

Whenever you under-pack, you might begin to low-key panic. You think you've forgotten everything — from your toothbrush to your socks. But unfortunately, you usually only find out what you forgot when the time comes that you actually need it. From experience, I know this can be pretty stressful, but that's where number three comes in.

You End Up Borrowing Things Or Shopping When You Arrive
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Once you realize you've forgotten things, there are a couple of things you can do. You can borrow some things from friends on your trip, or you can shop when you arrive at your destination. Even though it's kind of an inconvenience to have to go shopping for supplies or ask someone to borrow their stuff, forgotten things like flip flops, sunscreen, or hairspray are super easy to replace — so don't fret.

You Rely On Amenities From Your Hotel Or Airbnb

I often forget shower and bathroom amenities like shampoo, body wash, and lotion, so hotel amenities are truly lifesavers. It can be stressful when you realize you've left something behind, but you can rest easy knowing there are supplies that are provided in your accommodations.

Under-Packing Is Just Part Of The Overall Journey
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With traveling, you may experience different obstacles, and you'll undoubtedly make many memories and inside jokes. Under-packing is just one of them. Once you've done it once, you realize you're able to handle practically whatever is thrown your way whenever you vacation, and it makes you that much stronger of a traveler.