When You Always Wear Lipstick, These 7 Things Are All Too Relatable

You might have a favorite beauty product you're head over heels for. It's a staple you most likely use on the regular. Some people love having their eyebrows done or mascara on. No matter how tired you are in the morning or what you're doing, you rarely forget to apply your go-to product. For a lot of people, that one essential is lipstick. When you always wear lipstick, you feel empowered and like you can take on the whole wide world. While you know that you don't have to wear it to feel that way, because you're amazing just the way you are, wearing that lip color just brightens your overall mood.

Walking through the beauty aisle instantly makes some of us calm down as we scope out vibrant shades and products from our fave brands. Makeup can be whatever you make it. You love lipstick (or highlighter, or mascara, or whatever you use), and don't really care what anyone else has to say about it.

When you wear lipstick every day, it's definitely for you and how that color just pops with your outfit — or how you just feel so put together with it on. For those of you who can't leave the house without your lips adorned with a cute AF color, you know these things to be true.

You Make Sure To Always Have Your Staple Color On You

Every person who loves lipstick knows their shade. It's their shade — a shade that looks best on them with no ifs, ands, or buts. Whether that's the perfect nude you finally found after what feels like forever searching, or a bright red that you cannot go without, it's so you. Because you wear it so often, people associate the shade with you.

You may have multiple versions of it, possibly in different finishes, or you might just have one sacred one and make sure to transfer it to whatever purse you're working with at the moment. Even if you have a different color on at the moment, sometimes you just bring the fave along, just in case.

There Are Multiple Versions Of Said Favorite Shade In Your Collection

Going back to the multiple versions of your lipstick — yes, you have many. If you just found this cherished shade, maybe you don't, however, you definitely will. And once you know what your favorite color is and how fabulous you look in it, you will see similar ones everywhere and you will still want to buy them all.

In a matte finish, a satin finish, don't forget glossy (if available). There are so many ways to apply and so many looks you'll be able to do that you'll forget you're wearing one shade a ton. Plus, it's easier to know what shadows and clothes go with the lip when you're so used to seeing it on yourself.

There's A Compact Mirror With You 24/7

Applying makeup every day can get tedious and sometimes you just don't leave yourself enough time to do the look you want. If lipstick is a must for you, then you definitely want to have a compact mirror with you all the damn time. You don't want to be caught with nowhere to put your lipstick on and little time to find a reflective surface. Needless to say, if a colorful lip is a must for you — you know how to pack a mirror on hand.

You Coordinate Your Eyeshadow To Work With Your Lipstick For The Day

As an avid lipstick wearer, you know the dos an don'ts of lips and eye combos — so if you're putting lipstick on a ton, you know what's up. Therefore, you are already pairing an eye look with a lip the night before you do it. You also know what lips will clash with what blouse, so you have it all scheduled out before the brush hits your face.

The Little Feeling Of Panic You Feel When You Forget To Put It On

Some days can definitely be tough. You just had a long night and can not get out of bed on time. On those days when you shuffle into the office, you may hit yourself with the realization that "Oh sh*t! I forgot lipstick today!" This intense panic is only fleeting because you know that you have some on hand — along with the compact mirror you keep, you've got this.

How You Always Feel Amazing With That Pop Of Color

There is really something about having lipstick on that brings joy to those who wear it. Maybe it's the color that's poppin' or the confidence you seem to gain from wearing it, but you just vibe with the whole attitude. Lipstick is just a part of what you wear, like clothing or bras, and it outwardly shows everyone what you're feeling or what your personality is. It's part of the reason why it's a must for you to wear all the time.

You Just Have The Reapplying Game Down Pat
Stocksy / GIC

You know how to apply your lipstick in the car, on the train, while you're walking, and in the elevator on the way to work. Thanks to your compact mirror, you can virtually do this anywhere and have it looking amazing. Not all colors or brands of lipsticks are long-wearing, so odds are you'll need to reapply around midday after coffee, lunch, and talking. You're a pro though, so there's nothing to worry about.