If you're wondering when will TWICE drop their 2020 album, it could arrive sooner than you think.

Here's Everything We Know About TWICE's Next Comeback

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

It's been eight months since TWICE made their comeback in September 2019 with "Feel Special," so fans have a feeling the group will release new music soon. Currently, there are rumors floating around TWICE is preparing to make their comeback sometime this summer. After word got around, JYP Entertainment shared an update regarding the group's schedule, hinting it could be true. If you're wondering when TWICE will drop their 2020 album, it could arrive sooner than you think.

On April 20, SPOTV News reported TWICE is filming a new music video in preparation for their rumored comeback in June. Although neither the group nor JYP confirmed anything, fans instantly went into a frenzy over the possibility. If it turned out to be true, TWICE's June comeback would mark the group's first Korean release of 2020.

On Feb. 5, the group dropped a repackaged version of their second Japanese album, &Twice, featuring their previously-released singles "Happy Happy" and "Breakthrough," as well as the new single "Swing."

Since &Twice only included one new song, fans couldn't wait for TWICE to drop another full-length album or EP. The last time TWICE made a Korean comeback was in September 2019 for their EP Feel Special, featuring their single of the same name.

Watch TWICE's "Feel Special" music video below.

Following the rumors TWICE will make their comeback this summer, JYP reportedly told Hankook Ilbo the group's comeback date has not been confirmed yet, but the girls were definitely preparing to release new music soon. "TWICE is getting ready to shoot the music video for their new song. The specifics of their comeback schedule are still being discussed, and we will reveal them once they are set," JYP reportedly said.

While it isn't clear when fans can expect TWICE's new album, ONCE can look forward to their upcoming YouTube Originals docuseries TWICE: Seize The Light premiering on YouTube on April 29.

ONCE won't want to miss it because Seize The Light offers fans a behind-the-scenes look at the group's 2019 TWICELIGHTS tour. From the trailer alone, fans can tell it will be an emotional roller-coaster ride, showing the highs and lows of life on tour.

Watch the TWICE: Seize The Light trailer below.

With TWICE's new docuseries and rumored comeback just around the corner, fans can expect this to be a TWICE-filled summer.