Jason Momoa in 'See' Season 1 on Apple TV+

Here's When You Can Expect 'See' Season 2 To Finally Be On Apple TV+

by Ani Bundel
Apple TV+

Apple TV+ arrived on Nov. 1, 2019, with four brand new series: The Morning Show, Dickinson, For All Mankind, and See. All four shows were already greenlit for a second season before the streamer's debut — a promise, as it were, that audiences could get invested in them without fear of being left hanging. The Morning Show is now up for several Emmys, and both For All Mankind and Dickinson have teased changes coming for their sophomore outings. But what about See? As of right now, the biggest question is when See Season 2 will be on Apple TV+.

The TV promotional cycle runs somewhere between four to 12 weeks, depending on the series. Game of Thrones, for instance, as one of the most widely-hyped shows in modern times, usually started with the release of first images about 90 days ahead of a new season. The first trailer arrived eight weeks before the premiere, and the promotional interviews and TV spots began running in earnest during the final four weeks leading up to the premiere.

Not everyone follows this cycle, of course, but it does mean viewers can expect to have heard something about their fave show's upcoming new season around the t-minus six-week mark. Seeing as See was renewed for a second season before the first one even came out, fans would reasonably expect Season 2 to have the same release date as Season 1 (Nov. 1, give or take a few days) in 2020. For All Mankind already has a teaser out. Hailee Steinfeld is dropping hints about Season 2. The Morning Show is still focused on Season 1, but with the Emmys in the cards, that's at least understandable. So why is there no news about See?


The issue is the coronavirus pandemic. Even though these second seasons were greenlit in the fall of 2019, production didn't start on them until the end of that year, so many of them were still in the midst of production when the set shutdowns hit in March of 2020.

Dickinson was lucky. It had finished filming and is working through post-production delays. For All Mankind was also fortunate. The series only had two episodes left to film, which is why there was plenty of footage for a Season 2 teaser. The show has restarted production in recent weeks and should be ready to go by late fall.

But See and The Morning Show were not nearly as far along. The Morning Show only had two episodes completed when the shutdown hit. See was slightly further along, but not much. However, unlike The Morning Show, See is mainly filmed on location in Canada instead of on sound stages in Hollywood. That means that to resume filming, it needs to get permission to return to those locations. The border between America and Canada is closed right now, which means approval for travel is also more complicated.

In short, no one is sure when the show will be able to continue filming. Chances are, fans won't get to see See Season 2 until well into 2021.