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'See' Season 2 Is Officially Coming To Apple TV+


Launching a mainstream streaming service is not an easy proposition, considering Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO have dominated the already oversaturated market for years. But Apple TV+, launched in November 2019, could have a real chance to thrive. With two billion Apple devices in use around the world, it would only take a tenth of that base to sign up to reach 200 million users, dwarfing Netflix in comparison. The company has dropped billions of dollars on content, including the very expensive sci-fi series See, whose Season 2 is coming to Apple TV+.

It seems Apple’s investment is paying off. According to research firm Ampere Analysis, Apple TV+ gained an estimated 33.6 million customers by the end of 2019. If that estimation is correct, it’s probably why all four shows Apple TV+ debuted on Nov. 1, 2019, were quickly renewed for a second season. That's good news for fans of Dickinson, the CW-meets-PBS romp, which is arguably the best of Apple's shows, as well as For All Mankind andThe Morning Show. It's also good news for See, which sadly has not fared nearly as well in the eyes of critics. (It currently holds a 40% splat on Rotten Tomatoes.)

See's concept is super ambitious. The idea of telling a story of a visually impaired human society via a visual medium such as television is a daring undertaking. Unfortunately, the execution hasn't always been great. There are stunning moments, like Jason Momoa's character Baba Voss sword fighting multiple opponents using only aural cues to find them. But for each one, there is another "prayer" scene with Queen Kane reminding viewers that sex positions aren't trendy on TV anymore for a reason.

It seems See’s apparent missteps have not gone unnoticed, as The Hollywood Reporter indicated there may be new showbiz execs in charge of See Season 2. See is currently helmed by Frances Lawrence, famous for directing The Hunger Games, and Steve Knight, who created Peaky Blinders. As of July 2020, it’s not clear which members of the leadership team might be leaving the show, or who would take over those potential vacant roles come Season 2.

There are two new faces who are confirmed for the new season. According to Deadline, Highlander and Arrow star Adrian Paul will play a character named Lord Harlan. Further, Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista will also be part of Season 2’s cast, Variety reported. Currently, there’s not much else known about either character, such as whether they will be friend or foe to Baba Voss.

There is also no release date set for See Season 2 (nor for the sophomore seasons of Dickinson, For All Mankind, or The Morning Show) as of yet. According to Variety, showbusiness shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic halted production on See Season 2. As of July, the production has not publicly announced any plans to resume filming. So, it’s unclear when the new episodes will come out, but it’s likely they won’t arrive until 2021.

See Season 1 is available to stream on Apple TV+ now.

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