Sorry 'Riverdale' Fans, There Won't Be A New Episode For 3 Weeks


Just when Riverdale was building up to something huge... the show hits us with yet another hiatus. Yep — sorry, Riverdale fans, but the dark teen drama is going to be off the air for a couple weeks following Wednesday night's latest episode "Bizarrodale." But thankfully, it won't be too long of a wait. So when will Riverdale return in February 2019? We are going to have to sit tight for a couple of weeks until we can jump back into Riverdale's twisted stories, but the next new episode already looks like it will be worth the wait.

Riverdale fans are no strangers to having to wait a week or two between episodes sometimes, but the show seemed to be on a pretty consistent run since returning from its midseason hiatus in January. Unfortunately, Riverdale is taking a brief break before airing its next new episode, though. Following Feb. 6's "Bizarrodale" episode, Riverdale is not airing a new episode for three weeks. Episode 13 of Season 3, entitled "Requiem for a Welterweight," will not air until Wednesday, Feb. 27.

On the bright side, though, the teaser trailer for the upcoming new episode does promise a ton of action is waiting for us at the end of the three-week break. Most notably, the new episode is finally going to dive into the Farm, the mysterious cult that has been creeping on the sidelines for this whole season.

Fans have been waiting to get more information about the Farm since last season, when Polly Cooper first went to live there to raise her twins and came back as a full-blown cult member. Now, Alice is drinking the Kool-Aid as well, and the daughter of the cult's leader, Evelyn Evernever, is trying to recruit Betty. We still do not know how Polly and Alice were making Polly's twins float above a fire in the Season 3 premiere, and we also have yet to see the Farm's leader Edgar Evernever. Maybe those answers are finally coming in the new episode.

The promo trailer for "Requiem for a Welterweight" shows Alice undergoing a baptism at the Farm, which is interrupted by Betty rushing in and finding her mother unable to breathe. Check out the teaser for the upcoming episode below:

And the Farm is not the only creepy mystery the new episode will tackle. The trailer also reveals that a member of the Gargoyle Gang will confront Jughead and Jellybean in their trailer, possibly reigniting the whole Gargoyle King drama. There is also going to be a face-off between Veronica and the newly returned Gladys Jones, who is forcing Veronica to pay her back for the Fizzle Rocks she destroyed. And Toni and Cheryl's newly formed gang the Pretty Poisons will draw a line in the sand with the Southside Serpents, as Cheryl trains her new recruits in the deadly art of archery.

It looks like there will not be another break between episodes for a while after Riverdale returns at the end of February. Coming up next month, fans can look forward to the show's fiftieth episode, as well as this season's musical episode, which is set to Heathers: The Musical. Season 3 Episode 13 of Riverdale, "Requiem for a Welterweight," will air on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.