Here's Everything We Know About HBO's 'Parasite' Series

by Ani Bundel

It turns out 2020 is Parasite's year. After a unanimous vote for the Palme d'Or at Cannes, and a history-making win at the Stage Actor Guild Awards, Parasite broke records four times over at the Oscars. It was the first film from South Korea to be nominated and win the award for Best International Film, and the first foreign-language film, period, to win Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture. Now, the film has been confirmed to have a TV spinoff. So when will HBO's Parasite series premiere?

Parasite's story is one part black comedy, one part horror film, and one part capitalist critique. In it, the Kim family slowly infiltrate the home of the wealthy Park family. Each member poses as an unrelated individual who happens to be qualified for whatever opening in the household can be made available, until the entire family is employed. When the former housekeeper discovers the secret of these new employees, she promises to keep their secret. But they, in exchange, must say nothing about her husband, who has been living in the Park's underground bunker for the last decade.

As a two- hour film, the set up (and outcome) are nothing short of a thrill ride. But as a TV series, this situational black comedy of the poor working their way into middle-class comfort by conning the oblivious rich could easily run as a limited series or even a few seasons.

At least, that's what HBO is betting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the deal is not done yet. But HBO has come out on top of a bidding war with Netflix for the rights, with original director Bong Joon-Ho partnering with Adam McKay (Succession) to create the adaptation.

Creative details are in the early stages, but Bong and McKay would adapt the movie for an English-language limited series.

With details still being hammered out, THR says, "It is unclear if the limited series will be some sort of follow-up to the movie or an English-language remake." But multiple outlets are already reporting Mark Ruffalo is being eyed as one of the leads, suggesting this could be an Americanized reimagining of the story.

Parasite would be the second story from Bong Joon-Ho reimagined for TV. Snowpiercer, which has been in development since 2014, will finally reach the small screen later this spring on TNT.