When Life Hands You Lemons, These 40 Products On Amazon Will Instantly Make You Happier

You don't need a random writer on the internet to tell you that life can be hard, or unfair, or stressful. What you may need, however, are a few fool-proof ideas in your arsenal to combat those days when nothing seems to be going right. Good thing there are products that just might make you infinitely happier when life's continuously handing you lemons — and it's an even better thing that they're surprisingly easy to get online.

If you weren't aware, Amazon is filled with brilliant, instantly-calming products that can help you hack your mood and your stress levels. Can't get to sleep at night because you're anxious about the day? There's a product for that. Have a headache that feels vaguely like a family of lemmings have moved into your brain and are currently doing renovations? There's a product for that, too.

In fact, there are hundreds — if not thousands — of genius products that will help you chill out when you're having a tough day. However, in this article, you'll only find the ones that have truly made a difference in reviewers' lives. Here are 40 of the most innovative and highest-rated items that'll boost your mood when life's got you down.

Entertainment — When Life Hands You Lemons, These 40 Products On Amazon Will Instantly Make You Happier

1. This Alarm Clock That Simulates The Sunrise To Wake You Up Gently

Sunrise Alarm Clock, $27, Amazon

Getting up is never easy — especially once the cold, dark weather sets in. This sunrise alarm clock gradually lights up to wake you with a gentle glow instead of an annoying beep. It also has six pre-programmed natural sounds, seven colors with adjustable brightnesses, and a price tag that comes in way underneath competitors. It's a number one new release because reviewers say it actually helps them to get up in the morning "awake, not groggy awake, but awake awake."


2. This Electric Warmer Pad Made Specifically For Your Feet — But It's Great Anywhere Else, Too

PROALLE Electric Foot Warmer Pad, $28, Amazon

"This thing is absolutely amazing," reviewers say about the PROALLE electric foot warmer pad. It's made from a soft, soothing microplush, and has fast-heating technology that keeps your feet extra toasty inside the built-in pocket. In addition to its three heat settings and 10-foot cord, it also automatically shuts off after two hours to keep you safe. Since it's comfortable and compact, reviewers also use it to ease back pain and cramps.


3. A Bluetooth Pillow Speaker To Help You Block Out The World

Pyle Bluetooth Pillow Speaker, $27, Amazon

The Pyle Bluetooth pillow speaker has dual built-in speakers, a full-range stereo sound, wireless connectivity, and a headphone jack for private listening. All that comes in a soft, flat design that fits effortlessly and comfortably in your bed, so you can listen to music, podcasts, or white noise as you fall asleep. People love that the battery life is great — and it even has a built-in one-hour sleep timer.


4. These Adorable Stress Toys To Help You (And Everyone Else) Through The Day

Fstop Labs Mochi Squishy Animal Stress Toys, $13 (30 Pack), Amazon

Stress getting you down? Get it out of your system with these adorable animal stress toys. They're made from a soft, satisfying silicone that stretches and squishes as you play with it, and since they come in a pack of 30, you can keep one in every room — or hand some out to your stressed out friends and coworkers. According to one reviewer, they even "have a concave shape on the bottom so they will suction to smooth surfaces like your phone or table."


5. This Gel-Filled Set For Warm Or Cold Therapy On Your Face

Gel Eye Mask And Pads, $22, Amazon

This eye mask and pads set is a no-hassle way to relieve puffiness or ease headaches using warm or cold therapy. Both are filled with a premium gel that can be frozen in the freezer or heated in the microwave, and the mask is even made with a long, stretchy strap that adjusts to anyone's head. Buyers are thrilled with it, using words like "wonderful," "relaxing," and "life-saver."


6. A Quilted Shiatsu Massage Pillow That Just Might Be The Greatest Present You Ever Give Yourself

Homedics Plush Shiatsu Massage Pillow, $35, Amazon

Unlike your average shiatsu massager, the Homedics shiatsu pillow is made from a plush quilted material that conforms to your body. However, it also has built-in heat and four massage nodes that are designed for a large surface area, so you can ease aches and work out knots wherever you need it. Reviewers have given it a 4.3-star rating, saying that it's the "greatest invention since sliced bread," and "is one of the best presents [they] ever gave [themselves], and it didn't cost much."


7. A Kitchen Gadget That Makes Adorable, Perfectly-Sized Pancakes Every Time — And The Batter Won't Stick, Either

Gourmia Smiley Face Pancake Pan, $22, Amazon

Not only does the Gourmia smiley face pan make it much easier to cook pancakes, but it makes it a ton more fun, too. It has seven separate molds that create a perfectly-sized silver dollar every time, and it's made from a double-layer non-stick surface that requires minimal butter or oil. Since every mold has a different emoji face, reviewers say it brought "Saturday morning pancakes" to a "whole new level." Oh, and clean-up is a breeze.


8. The Weighted Blanket That Helps You Feel Extra Safe, Protected, And Relaxed In Your Bed

YnM Weighted Blanket, $70, Amazon

Reviewers recommend the YnM weighted blanket to "anyone who has a hard time calming down their nervous system and falling asleep." This one is well-made with advanced sewing techniques and breathable cotton, but also has weighted inserts and glass bead technology to surround your body in 15 extra pounds of weight. "If you have racing thoughts or un`ease when going to bed, something about the extra weight distributed around your body really helps calm those feels down and adds this interesting feeling of being protected," one reviewer raves — plus it's available in multiple other colors, sizes, and weights.


9. This Super Cute Kitchen Tool That Makes A Single Serving Of Fresh, Homemade Ice Cream In Under 30 Minutes

DASH Pint Ice Cream Maker, $22, Amazon

Whether you're sensitive to certain ingredients or just want to treat yourself with a single serving of a delicious treat, the DASH ice cream maker allows you to make up to 1.6 cups of fresh, homemade ice cream in less than 30 minutes. It has a one-touch button for easy control and even comes with a mixing spoon — just store it in your freezer, add simple ingredients like cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla, and let it churn entirely on its own.


10. An Acupressure Pillow Has Built-In Magnets To Relieve Pain And Induce Relaxation

ZenGuru Acupressure Neck Pillow, $30, Amazon

You've likely noticed the recent acupressure mat trend thanks to their many pain-relief and relaxation benefits, but the ZenGuru acupressure neck pillow makes the whole process even easier. This portable pillow uses special spikes to stimulate pressure points in the neck and shoulders, so it's great for headaches, stress, and tension. Unlike other brands, it's also made with built-in magnets that help to boost your body's electromagnetic field, prompt healing, and increase circulation.


11. This Gorgeous Galaxy Diffuser That Gives You Aromatherapy Alongside A Light Show

Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Diffuser, $45, Amazon

Add a little extra magic to your essential oils with this gorgeous Aroma Outfitters diffuser. It's made with medical-grade, BPA-free plastic, and has a large tank that can run for a full eight hours — but the real selling point is the way the 3-D glass galaxy looks as it cycles through seven mesmerizing colors. Reviewers say it's so relaxing, it "may cause [a] general wasting of your time" as you "[stare] into the globe."


12. This Cooling Cucumber Scrub That Leaves Skin Feeling Hydrated And Moisturized

ASUTRA Organic Exfoliating Cooling Cucumber Body Scrub, $22, Amazon

With over 2,000 rave reviews on Amazon, this organic body scrub is a refreshing treat for the senses, not to mention your skin too. Made with a replenishing mix of argan, jojoba, aloe vera, and sweet almond, this scrub doesn't just buff away harsh spots: it also moisturizes skin, leaving it oh-so-smooth. Ideal for those looking to combat blocked pores, eczema, psoriasis, blemishes, and more, this scrub has no artificial fragrances, preservatives, or parabens, so it's also safe to use on more sensitive complexions.


13. These Extra-Coarse Exfoliation Gloves Might Be The Best You Ever Use

EvridWear Heavy Exfoliating Gloves, $10, Amazon

Gently but effectively tackle dead skin, impurities, and clogged pores with these EvridWear gloves. They slip right onto your hands and utilize a coarse material to exfoliate your whole body just by rubbing your skin. They're also quick to dry and are machine-washable to keep things sanitary. "The heavy duty extra scrubby ones are honestly the best bath gloves I've ever used," one reviewer says. "I'm fully prepared to buy these for the literal rest of my life."


14. This Bubbly Clay Mask That Foams Up To Get Deep Into Your Pores

Elizabeth Mott Carbonated Clay Bubble Mask, $13, Amazon

According to reviewers, this Elizabeth Mott carbonated bubble mask foams wonderfully, smells incredible, and actually gets the gross stuff out of your pores. The secret is the CO2-infused formula, which pushes the kaolin clay and charcoal into your skin to gently but deeply cleanse your pores. On top of all that, it's one of the funnest masks you'll find for your at-home spa night.


15. A Genius Sushi Bazooka For Perfect (And Perfectly Fun) Sushi Rolls

All-In-One Sushi Bazooka Kit, $14, Amazon

In my opinion, sushi is one of the most worthy addictions — but it's also an expensive one. Make your own with the all-in-one sushi bazooka kit and avoid ending up with a Pinterest fail dinner. All you have to do is open this easy-to-use tool, load it with rice and other ingredients, and squeeze out your finished sushi — it even comes with a three-in-one avocado cutting tool, a rice rolling mat, and bamboo chopsticks.


16. This Mini-Projector That Makes Your Ceiling Look Like The Ocean Floor

LightMe Ocean Wave Projector, $21, Amazon

If the beach is your happy place, bring it into your bedroom with the LightMe wave projector. This tiny gadget can create seven different effects all over your walls and ceiling, giving you the impression that you're underwater. It also has four built-in nature sounds, a remote control, and an audio cord so you can play your own music from your phone or laptop.


17. This Calming Oil That Can Help You Drift Off To A Better Night's Sleep

Badger Balm Sleep Balm, $10, Amazon

Sleep won't evade you for very long when you use this sleep balm, which was formulated to help promote a deep rest. Made with bergamot, rosemary, lavender, and balsam fir, this natural balm is completely paraben- and synthetic-free, so it's gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Since this also comes in a portable tin, it's perfect for travel and can help you catch some quality shut-eye just about anywhere.


18. These Quirky Cards That Offer Uplifting Affirmations And Universal Guidance Simultaneously

Affirmators! Affirmation Cards, $13, Amazon

These Affirmators! affirmation cards have a 4.8-star rating for several reasons. First, they're inspirational without being cheesy. Second, they have whimsical, colorful illustrations. Third, simply pick one at random to receive a daily message from the universe in the form of an uplifting and poignant blurb. "They really do help cheer me up when I'm having a challenging day," says one of over 250 reviewers.


19. A Waterproof Full-Body Pillow To Make Your Tub Infinitely More Comfortable

ComfySure Full Body Bath Pillow, $45, Amazon

If the bath is your happy place, but you could do without the cold porcelain jutting into your neck, there's the ComfySure full body pillow. It's made with 3-D air mesh technology, which offers multiple layers of quilted comfort while still retaining its waterproof design. It dries quickly and resists mildew, plus it has built-in suction cups all along the underside that keep the pillow and the mat in place while you bathe.


20. This Neck And Shoulder Wrap Filled With Flax Seeds And Aromatherapy Herbs

Brookstone Theraspa Herbal Neck Wrap, $28, Amazon

Unlike your average neck wrap, this one from Brookstone Theraspa has an ergonomic design that hugs your neck, your shoulders, and your upper back simultaneously. It's stuffed with 12 natural herbs and flaxseeds, which heat up and release a soothing aroma when heated in the microwave. You can also chill it in the freezer, and thanks to its fluffy fleece exterior, it'll remain comfortable against your skin.


21. A Foot Roller That Can Help Relieve Foot Pain

Gaiam Restore Foot Massage Roller, $12, Amazon

Ease tension away in your feet and get much-needed relief from foot pain with this incredibly resilient massage roller. It comes with two massage options that help to stimulate blood flow and has a muscle-relaxing texture. Reviewers say that this roller works especially well if you put the hot/cold technology to use. Place this in warm water or a freezer and you can get hot or cold relief for up to 30 minutes. "My foot pain has been unbearable and I walk around a stamping plant all day. Sometimes 5-10 miles a day on hard concrete in work boots. This simple foot massager has made life enjoyable again," wrote one reviewer.


22. This Glass Microwave Gadget For Homemade Popcorn Without The Need For A Stovetop

Ecolution Micro-Pop Popper, $14, Amazon

Throw on some Netflix and make a bowl of healthy, homemade popcorn in the Ecolution Micro-Pop popper. This BPA-free glass and silicone gadget ensures that your kernels are fully popped without burning — all in just three minutes. It fits in 99 percent of all home microwaves, allows you to add your own ingredients and toppings, and even doubles as a cute serving bowl. Since it's dishwasher-safe, it's also really easy to clean.


23. A Handy Little Tool That Gives You A Massage

Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool, $24, Amazon

This weird but brilliant self-massage tool has 11 accurately-placed therapy knobs and a hook design to use your body's own leverage to stimulate pressure points and ease knots. It's made from a super durable material that's also surprisingly lightweight, and reviewers are raving: "I sit in front of computers a lot, so my shoulders are very tense," one writes. "This massager really helps to relieve some of the tension."


24. These Color-Changing Bulbs For An Incredible Price

iLC Color-Changing Mood Bulbs, $17 (4 Pack), Amazon

Set the mood in any room with these iLC mood bulbs. Not only do they change colors without any need for a hub or smart device, but they can also flash, dim, brighten, or cycle through all the colors. They come with an included remote control, and reviewers are shocked with the value. "Considering the price of these lights I was under the impression they wouldn't be very good quality," one writes. "I can't even begin to express how wrong I was. These lights are amazing!"


25. This Heated Eye Mask That Plugs Into Any USB Port

Mengya Heated Eye Mask, $22, Amazon

Stimulate blood circulation, relieve fatigue, lessen inflammation, and ease headaches with the Mengya heated eye mask. It's powered by USB, so you can plug it into your laptop, phone charger, or power bank to produce a warm, soothing sensation wherever you happen to be. People say it's way more convenient than hot rags or microwavable masks, so it's a great choice for someone who's always on the move.


26. An NSFW Adult Party Game That Meme-Lovers Are Obsessing Over

What Do You Meme?, $30, Amazon

In the two years since its release on Kickstarter, What Do You Meme? has procured nearly $230,000 in backing and thousands of reviews on Amazon. It's one of the most hilarious adult party games I've ever played, and is an especially great fit for friend groups that love internet memes. Just prop up the chosen meme on the included easel, and have every player put down their funniest and most pertinent phrase card. The rotating judge reads them all out loud, the best one is deemed winner, and belly-laughs ensue.


27. A Soaking Solution To Ease Away Aches And Pains

Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, $20 (Pack of 2), Amazon

Your stresses are bound to soak away (at least for a little bit) with this aromatic pure Epsom salt from Dr. Teal's, which is made with natural essential oils that help kick their soothing effects into overdrive. This set comes with a blend formulated with spearmint and eucalyptus, which is great for soothing sore muscles. The second bag is formulated with lavender and can be great if you're trying to unwind before bed.


28. The Cute Edamame Bean That You Can Take Your Frustrations Out On

Acerich Squeeze-A-Bean Stress Keychain, $7 (3 Pack), Amazon

When life gives you lemons, take your rage out on some edamame. These adorable Acerich Squeeze-A-Bean keychains are squishy, satisfying fidget toys that go everywhere you go. When you press down on them, a bean pops right out and greets you with its cute facial expression. According to buyers, they're a great alternative to biting your nails or clicking your pen, because they're damage-free and quiet.


29. This Simple And Portable Way To Make Your Phone Screen Look Way Bigger

3-D Smart Phone Screen Magnifier, $13, Amazon

Whether you're watching YouTube in bed, streaming a movie from your desk, or showing your whole family a cat video, this brilliant gadget magnifies your screen without electricity and without impacting the quality. It's made from ABS plastic and has a faux-leather case that folds up for easy portability. Most importantly, people say it "actually works as advertised and is very compact when not in use."


30. A Homeopathic Remedy That Reviewers Swear By For Reducing Stress

Rescue Remedy Dropper, $13, Amazon

Made from a combination of five different flower essences,the Rescue remedy dropper is a safe and easy way to handle everyday stress. It helps induce relaxation, comfort, and motivation, and it's a homeopathic remedy that's been used for over 80 years. Reviewers say it seriously works wonders to help control travel anxiety, panic episodes, irrational fears, and trouble sleeping. As with anything you ingest, consult with your doctor before you start taking it.


31. This Magical Mermaid Blanket That You Can Get In Seven Different Colors

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket, $14, Amazon

Thousands of people are raving about this LAGHCAT mermaid tail blanket, which brings a combination of comfort and whimsy to any bedroom or living room. It's crocheted from a combination of cotton and orlon, has an open back so you never feel constricted, and is both warm and breathable. This set even comes with a free necklace and drawstring bag, too.


32. This Headache-Relief Spray Made With Real Essential Oils

Nutravana Headache Relief, $16, Amazon

If you get frequent headaches, this one's for you. Reviewers have called Nutravana Headache Relief "hands down the best product out there for migraine sufferers." Instead of medications, this formula utilizes real essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and spearmint. All of the aforementioned work together to induce relaxation, cool your skin, and relieve discomfort and nausea to help get you back on your feet ASAP.


33. An Essential Oil That Amazon Reviewers Say Can Really Lift Your Mood

Plant Guru Stress Relief Synergy Blend Essential Oil, $9, Amazon

Feeling low on energy and struggling lately to make it through the day? While there are all kinds of natural remedies you might want to explore to feel better, this essential oil contains ingredients intended to alleviate stress and leave folks feeling more uplifted. This blend features bergamot, patchouli, grapefruit, and other refreshing oils, all of which are completely natural and chemical-free. One reviewer raved: "This is the best stress relief blends ever! I keep buying it."


34. This Gratitude Journal That Only Takes One Minute A Day

The One-Minute Gratitude Journal, $7, Amazon

You've probably heard about the benefits of a regular gratitude practice, but if you're short on time, the The One-Minute Gratitude journal doesn't allow for any more excuses. Start the day (or end it) with one simple sentence describing something you're thankful for in that moment. It's a number one best-seller because it's "simple but meaningful," and really does help people shift their focus to the important things in life.


35. These Super-Plush Pillows That Are So Cozy, You'll Want To Stay In Bed Even Longer

Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow, $43 (Pack of 2), Amazon

Sometimes the best way to treat yourself after a tough day (or week) is to plop straight into bed. Your bed's about to become a whole lot more welcoming with these ultra-plush and hypoallergenic pillows, which are filled with gel fiber that molds and adjusts to give you the maximum amount of comfort imaginable. They each come with a breathable bamboo cover that protects pillows and helps keep them dust, mite, and mildew-free. Each pillow is machine washable and resistant to stains and fading, so they'll also maintain their great look for years to come.


36. These LED Candles Are Made From Vanilla-Scented Wax — And They Change Colors

LED Lytes Flickering Flameless Candles, $21, Amazon

Get the ambiance of candles without any of the worry. These flameless candles light up and flicker just like real fire, but use an LED flame that runs on batteries and is controlled by the included remote. Unlike other (more expensive) brands, they're made from real vanilla-scented wax, can even be set to various colors, and has pre-set timers.


37. A Freezable Facial Roller That Helps With Enlarged Pores And Inflammation

ESARORA Ice Roller, $12, Amazon

Since the roller part of this ESARORA ice roller is removable, compact, and made with a gel material, it stores effortlessly in your freezer and chills quickly. Whenever you're feeling particularly puffy or achy, simply pop it back into the handle and roll it over your face or body to shrink pores, soothe pain, or reduce swelling.


38. This Awesome Set That Helps You Grow Your Own Healing Crystals

National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab, $40, Amazon

Grow your own healing crystals with this awesome National Geographic mega crystal lab. Simply mix the included powders with water, pour them into the growing chambers, and add a seed rock. Within a few weeks, your crystals will have grown to full size. The included crystals are amethyst, quartz geode, blue calcite, rose quartz, and flourite, and it even comes with a display tray and night light.


39. An Appliance That's A Must-Have If You Love Slushies, Snow Cones, Or Margaritas

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine, $34, Amazon

Make slushies, snow cones, or fun adult drinks with the Hawaiian shaved ice machine. This sleek appliance comes with two ice block molds that you fill with water and freeze. Once frozen, simply pop it out, add it to the machine, press down, and re-fill the container with fluffy snow that you can mix with syrups, sodas, or alcohol.


40. This Mini Zen Garden To Keep On Your Desk, Coffee Table, Or Night Stand

Nature's Mark Mini Zen Garden, $15, Amazon

Bring some much-needed zen to your work desk, coffee table, or bedroom. Nature's Mark mini zen garden is just 7 inches long, but it comes with everything you need to unwind and focus your mind. This set includes four rocks, a rake, a succulent, a statue, a bag of sand, and a modern black base that fits in with any style of decor.

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