Here's Why Fans Of Netflix's 'The Umbrella Academy' Are Freaking Out

by Ani Bundel

Marvel TV's presence on Netflix is on the way out, but that doesn't mean the streaming service is out of the superhero game. Not that it's trying its hand at DC Comics characters, the CW has that sewn up. Instead, Netflix is going a third way, to the world of Dark Horse Comics, the largest independent comic book publishing house. The Umbrella Academy was the first title to get an adaptation, which was so successful, it's been renewed for another round. When does The Umbrella Academy Season 2 premiere? Fans are hoping sooner rather than later.

Considering how The Umbrella Academy Season 1 ended, it's a relief to know the show will go on to Season 2. After ten episodes of Number 5 moving heaven, earth, and time to save the Earth from cataclysmic destruction, he wound up failing. (Whether or not this is due to the meddling of the Commission is as yet unclear.) He and his siblings may stop Vanya from destroying the Earth, but in doing so, she blasts the Moon instead, causing a massive asteroid to hit the planet.

As the city is wiped out in a wave of fire, all eight members of the Academy, even the ghost of Ben, grab hold of each other. Five transports them back in time just before the world collapses around them. Cut to black.

So what happens next? How does the Umbrella Academy save the Earth now that they know they have to buckle down and focus?

Unfortunately, the comics don't have answers. That ending was a wild and rather sudden sharp turn away from the source material. To be fair, this was a series much closer to Game of Thrones than Marvel in how much material existed. The number of Umbrella Academy titles is less than 20, published as three miniseries collections. Season 1 blew through the first two of them, The Apocalypse Suite and Dallas. However, they don't end with the world blowing to bits. Instead, the team, somewhat improbably, manages to avert the disaster last minute.

Considering what an undisciplined and maladjusted bunch the eight siblings are, it's far more realistic they can't quite get it together to stop the apocalypse on the first go. It also takes the series wildly off-book. This is good in some sense, as it gives the show freedom to go wherever it would like, but it also means fans will have to wait for Season 2 to have any idea what happens.

As for how long that wait will be, it looks like Netflix might be considering putting the show on a twice-a-year release schedule, not unlike Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. According to Screen Rant, which broke the news:

Screen Rant can confirm that Netflix has renewed The Umbrella Academy for a second season. Production is expected to be underway from May 2019 through to September 2019. No other details have been revealed just yet.

Hopefully, this means there will be another bout of Umbrella Academy episodes before 2019 is out. Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.