Sofia Richie Is Dropping A Clothing Line, & Everything Is Under $80

Donato Sardella/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sometimes, style runs in the family. Diane Alexander and her oldest daughter, Nicole Richie, have both made names for themselves as fashion designers and now, it's time for the youngest Richie to try her hand at the craft. When does Sofia Richie's Sofia Stone clothing line drop? You'll be able to cop it before this fall, meaning you only have to wait mere months. If affordable clothes with a celeb spin sounds intriguing to you, this is something you won't want to miss out on.

As mentioned above, the collection is called Sofia Stone and it was announced today by WWD. Set to officially launch Aug. 30, less than a week after Richie's 21 birthday, it will include a total of 12 styles that will each retail for under $80. “I finally feel like I’m at the point in my life where I have so many creative ideas that I want to share and I’m bottled up,” Richie revealed in an interview with WWD. “Over the years, buying so many clothes and seeing what I liked and didn’t like and being in the modeling industry, I was around so many designers and I always took notes and tips from them. It came easily and I knew all the little things I wanted and didn’t want.”

Sofia Stone by Sofia Richie and LA Collective

The brand is being created in tandem with LA Collective, an e-retailer that teams up with celebrities and influencers and helps them launch clothing lines. For her first collection, Richie will be releasing a lineup of bodysuits, crop tops, velvet high-waisted pants and suits — easy staples that should have a place within any modern wardrobe. “A funny trick that I did is, inside of each of the pants, I’ve done a ‘snatch yourself’ thing where you can pull it and adjust the waist to your waist so that people don’t have to get things altered,” Richie said. “I constantly am having to get my clothes altered.” Clothing that comes with a built-in tailor? Yes, please! According to WWD, Richie is planning to launch a second collection in November, meaning more sartorial innovations from the model are likely to come.

In terms of her design inspiration, Richie revealed that it stems from a source very close to her heart. “I grew up watching my mom get dressed and designing clothes. We all have very different styles in my family, but she definitely was the person that made me interested the most in fashion.”

If you can't wait to get a glance of the collection, keep your eyes on Richie's Instagram. It's worth a follow just to see where she's at and what she's wearing (her lifestyle is as glam as you'd imagine), but it'll also serve as a space where Richie will post photos of herself in her upcoming designs. “[My followers] love the glamour shots,” she told WWD. “They love the glam, the extravagant outfits. I’m excited to shoot this collection and bring them these glamorous photos so they can fall in love with the clothes as much as I did.”