Here’s What Facebook Watch Lovers Should Know About ‘Sacred Lies’ Season 2

Blumhouse TV/Facebook

Facebook is home to all sorts of unwanted drama, but these days, the platform offers a whole different kind of spectacle — the type that won't leave you on bad terms with your distant relatives — with its streaming service, Facebook Watch. One of Facebook's most recent successes has been Sacred Lies, a young adult mystery series that has attracted a loyal following with its inaugural season. And now that fans are hooked, they're all asking the same question: When does Sacred Lies Season 2 premiere?

In December 2018, Facebook revealed that the second season would premiere sometime in 2019, and now that the year is more than halfway over, audiences have been getting antsy. The first week of July, however, they got some answers: Showrunner Raelle Tucker recently posted in the series' Facebook Group, "Sacred Lies: The Community," to announce that Season 2 began filming this week in Vancouver, meaning new episodes are just a few months away. "Like" button, pressed.

Based on the novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes and The Handless Maiden, a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm, Season 1 of Sacred Lies tells the story of Minnow Bly, a 17-year-old cult escapee who gets taken in by the police after she brutally beats a mentally ill teenage boy. Not much is initially known about Minnow (who is played by actor Elena Kampouris), except that she is missing both of her hands, and she may know crucial details about the death of her cult's leader and the fire that burned the community he created. The show follows Minnow's experience in the present day, where she is serving time in a juvenile detention center, while providing flashbacks to her life in the cult that provide answers to the mysteries that surround her.

But what many fans may not have realized is that Sacred Lies is actually an anthology series, so fans should get ready to say goodbye to Minnow and the cult, and hello to a whole new cast and mysterious storyline for Season 2.

According to Deadline, the new season, dubbed Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones, will follow one young woman's journey to find her long-lost family, and because this season is inspired by another Grimm tale, The Singing Bones, as well as several true-crime murder cases, viewers can expect the journey to uncover secrets that are pretty, well, grim. Deadline also reports that the season is set to star Juliette Lewis (Ma, The Act), Ryan Kwanten (otherwise known as Jason Stackhouse from True Blood), and newcomer Jordan Alexander.

While the filming announcement does mean that viewers will have to wait a bit longer for new episodes to drop, there are still ways for fans to get their fix of Sacred Lies content: The show's stars and creators are highly interactive with viewers on Facebook, and are frequently online to answer questions, post behind-the-scenes updates on the show's creation, and even crowdsource names for new characters.

But if that's still not enough to hold over superfans until Season 2, Sacred Lies Season 1 is streaming now on Facebook Watch.