Help, Pat McGrath's New Mothership VI Midnight Sun Palette Just Ended Me

Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

Hello, and welcome to Not Your Average Friday. I'm your host, Theresa, and I have just had my entire life handed to me once again by none other than makeup legend, Pat McGrath. Hot off the heels of her groundbreaking foundation release, McGrath has blessed beauty lovers yet again, this time with a brand new eyeshadow palette: Mothership VI Midnight Sun. If you're wondering when Pat McGrath's Mothership VI Midnight Sun Palette drops, read on for all the deets, and prepare to be ended with me.

If you worship McGrath to the point of calling her Mother, you're likely familiar with her line of Mothership goodies. The now-six-piece line features 10-pan eyeshadow palettes, all representative of a certain ethereal theme or natural phenomenon. Each is filled with truly mesmerizing pigments that shine, shimmer, reflect, and allow us plebeians a chance at crafting a beat half as good as those McGrath has done. The latest addition to the family, Midnight Sun, combines metallic coppers, deep browns and purples, and some lighter glittering shades for a collection that's equal parts sultry and blinding.

Retailing for a super cool, totally casual $125 (yes, that was my bank account screaming that you just heard), the palette hits exclusively on Friday, Sept. 6, and will then be available in select stores and online at Sephora, at Bergdorf Goodman, and in select stores and online at Selfridges come Friday, Sept. 13.

Peep this creation in all its glory, why don't ya?

Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

Designed to "ignite nocturnal surrealism," according to a press release sent to Elite Daily, the palette's pigments are definitely the star of the show, but the packaging design, shade names, and swatches undoubtedly take this palette — no, collector's item — to the next level.

Please, no one talk to me ever again unless it's about this stunning purple and gold artwork, thank you very much.

Theresa Massony

The palette features a mix of shimmer, matte, and glitter finishes, and yes, all of them will ruin you in the best way possible.

Theresa Massony

Remember what I said about the shade names really amping things up here? Prepare to be transported to another world, so far out of our current dimension. From left to right, there's "Skinshow Moon Glow," a shimmering peachy platinum; "Bronze Eclipse," a taupe-y bronze shimmer; "Vermillion Venom," a very deep red matte; "Blood Moon 005," the most spellbinding, metallic copper; "Jubilee," a gold glitter; "Xtreme Dusk," a super dark brown matte; "Taboo," a light brown, ochre matte; "Wicked Envy," a beautifully shimmery moss; "Blitz Violet Orchid," a violet shimmer; and "Astral Solstice," a blinding platinum glitter.

Here are all the shades swatched in that order, so you can see them in action. (If you see a stray tear or several, they're mine.)

Theresa Massony
Theresa Massony

From now until Sept. 6, save up your coin as much as possible so you can run — not walk — to and snatch this palette... so it can promptly snatch your whole life. After all, Mother knows what's best for you.