Mario Dedivanovic Teased A New Makeup Collab, But He's Totally Silent On Whom It's With

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mario Dedivanovic is known as Kim Kardashian's OG makeup artist, so much so that they've already teamed up to create a KKW Beauty x Mario collection once before. So when the makeup artist took to his personal Instagram on Friday, Aug. 9 to post a cryptic video that alluded to which brand his next makeup partnership would be with, fans couldn't help but guess that it was another KKW Beauty collab. And while Mario denied all of the guesses in the comments section, he didn't give any other hints as to who the collaborator could be. So if you're wondering when does Mario Dedivanovic's new makeup collaboration drop and which brand it could possibly be with, I'm here to do some investigating for you.

For starters, the video in question features a black box with gold text that read "Makeup By Mario X" — with the name of the collaborator covered up by a white towel situation. The post was accompanied by the caption "👀." That's it, no words included. So unfortunately, the drop date and collaborator remain to be confirmed.

Naturally, such a mysterious video sent Dedivanovic's 6.8 million followers into a tizzy trying to figure out the brand that the collaboration could possibly be with. Many fans guessed KKW Beauty, while others guessed brands like Laura Mercier, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Morphe, and Marc Jacobs. Mario personally responded to those comments confirming that those guesses were in fact wrong, and he even went on to comment "Not one of you has guessed it 😩😩."

So now that we know that brands that Mario isn't working with, it's time to consider some brands that he could be teaming up with. There was chatter in the comments section about the box holding a potential faux eyelash collab or makeup brush collection, both of which are strong possibilities.

When looking at the box, it appears to be similar to the monthly subscription box BoxyCharm. Has Dedivanovic teamed up with the brand to curate a box of his go-to beauty and makeup picks? It's a possibility.

The font baring the front of the black box also looks pretty similar to the Make Up For Ever logo. And the brand did wipe out their Instagram archive back on July 15 and then posted an image of a lipstick kiss accompanied by the caption "All Gone!" Then, when followers flooded the comments section with questions about what was going on, the brand responded with single emojis, prompting even more confusion. So, is the brand rebooting by teaming up with Dedivanovic? I guess we can't rule that out.

Some fans guessed that this was the debut of Dedivanovic's very own makeup line. And even though the makeup artist did confirm that his own makeup line was in the works back in August 2018, I think that the "x" on the label of the box determines that this is not his own brand.

Again, this is all speculation and fans of the makeup artist will have to stay tuned in to his Instagram for further details — especially since a launch date is yet to be announced. But I know one thing is for sure, and that is no matter the collection that he turns out, it's bound to be a hit.