Kylie Cosmetics' Summer Collection Will Turn You Into A Glittery Mermaid

From seashell jewelry to fishnet dresses, all things inspired by the ocean are trending. Taking this into account, it was only a matter of time before a beauty collection fit for mermaids would arrive. When does Kylie Cosmetics' Under The Sea collection drop? The dreamy lineup of makeup products will be available to shop later this month, so get ready to take your summer beauty look to new heights... and watery depths.

Jenner announced the new collection in a video post on Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram account on July 1. A light pink box shaped like a giant shell (think Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus) slowly opens up, revealing a selection of Kylie branded products where a pearl might normally appear. Pearls are also trending for summer so it's very apropos packaging, but this shimmery collection is so good I might honestly prefer it over an iridescent gemstone. "SUMMER COLLECTION coming July 10 ☀️ Check our story for the reveal 💕 Who’s excited?! #UnderTheSea launches July 10th at 3pm pst 🌊," the caption reads. That's right, the collection will arrive in plenty of time for you to experiment with it all season long and rock it to music festivals, garden weddings, and whatever else you've got planned.

So, what's in the collection? The full lineup of products is laid out in another Instagram post, meaning you can pinpoint exactly which items you'll snag as soon as they drop.

First up is The Summer Palette, which features eight metallic shadows boasting an all new formula as well as four matte shadows. The glittery shades range from gold and bronze to ultraviolet and coral, while the mattes are a range of nudes. It's an offering that Jenner promises "you guys will LOVE!"

Lip products definitely make up the bulk of the collection. First up are three new lipstick shades: Endless Summer, a metallic topper; and Beach Bum and Paradise Please, which are both matte shades. Two new shades of Lip Blush will also be included and they'll arrive in a brand new formula. The product will give you a natural tinted liquid lip with a matte finish and will be available in Bikini Bod and Boss Bay. To round out offerings for your pout, the collection will also include a new shade of High Gloss called You Are The Sun. Jenner says it's "perfect to wear alone or on top of your favorite lippie."

The final offering from the collection is my absolute favorite. If you're into intense glitter and shine, you'll love it too. Four new shades of Shimmer Eye Glaze featuring an all new formula will arrive with the drop, and they're peak mermaid beauty. Called Night Swim, Ocean Child, Deep Sea Dreams, and Aqua Mama, their names relay how ethereal they are. While it's unclear which name is attributed to which color, I would assume Aqua Mama is the aquamarine blue shade with a green shimmer. The other three shades include a deep gold with a yellow shimmer, light coral with a silver shimmer, and bronze with a bronze shimmer.

The life aquatic somehow just got even cooler.