When Does 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 10 Air? J.B. Smoove Spills Some Deets – EXCLUSIVE

J.B. Smoove's Leon Black is ready to bring the ruckus to Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10. Although he only joined Larry David's HBO sitcom in Season 6, Leon's colorful anecdotes and words of wisdom have become as vital to the show as Larry's own curmudgeon way of life. Curb recently came off a near six-year hiatus with the return of Season 9 in 2017, and longtime fans are already chomping at the bit waiting for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 to return. Elite Daily spoke with J.B. Smoove. Get yours now to talk about the all of the pretty, pretty, pretty, good things fans have to look forward to.

To start off, Smoove tells Elite Daily what is was like getting the Curb gang back together:

Curb Your Enthusiasm cemented its groundbreaking status in 2000. The improvised series was unlike anything else and had a way of blurring the lines between character and actor. This quality of the show, combined with the natural-feeling, ever-flowing dialogue, is a huge reason the characters so legendary. Larry David, along with actors like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Richard Lewis, play exaggerated versions of themselves, while characters like Leon Black are purely fictional.

However, J.B Smoove set out on a mission to bring Leon off the screen and further into reality. Smoove published The Book Of Leon: Philosophy Of A Fool in October of 2017 and successfully transported every possible Leon-ism onto the written page. Although, Smoove warned: "Don’t get caught up in what Leon says, because Leon will ruin your life."


Speaking on the book-writing process, Smoove reveals:

*It's important to note that Smoove's Larry David impression is spot on.

While the book has fed and and satisfied hungry Curb fans for the better part of the past year, audiences are still desperate for any new information on Season 10.

Smoove, who is the self-proclaimed "spoiler" of the series, reveals some details about the upcoming season:

But don't worry, while waiting for Season 10 to arrive, fans have the unwavering wit and wisdom of Leon Black at their disposal with the Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Ninth Season, which is now available on DVD.