Here's How Kim & Kanye's Chemistry Reportedly Changes When They're Expecting A Baby

by Candice Jalili
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Preparing to add a new member to the family can cause even the steadiest couples to undergo some changes. So now that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are reportedly expecting their fourth child via surrogate, it's worth wondering: what's Kim & Kanye's relationship like while expecting? According to a source who spoke to People, their dynamic reportedly changes in the most fascinating way.

Kim and Kanye seem great. They had a really nice trip to Aspen and always enjoy spending time in Miami," the source told PEOPLE. "They seem very happy and close.”

Interestingly enough, their high spirits aren't unique to this particular moment in their lives. The source claims both Kanye and Kim are always in especially high spirits when expecting children.

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“When they waited for Chicago to arrive, it was the same — having another baby seems to always bring them closer,” the insider continued to PEOPLE. “They are very excited about having another baby this year.”

Since news of their reported fourth child broke last week, KimYe has been looking as happily in love as ever. People reports the two were even recently spotted holding hands and passionately kissing in Miami.

One thing you’ve got to know about Kanye and Kim: They’ve got a different chemistry when a baby is on the way,” another source echoed to PEOPLE. “I can’t even explain it, but they are much more into each other when they’re expecting. So they’re both really happy right now — a lot more romantic, a lot more supportive of each other.”

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“They were acting like newlyweds last week,” the second source continued. “They touch each other, kiss each other and say things to each other like, ‘You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.’ It’s really sweet to watch them together. When they’re not expecting, they’re still loving, but nothing like this. Right now, they couldn’t be happier.”

Despite rumors of their fourth child, the two still haven't confirmed that the baby is, in fact, on the way. The source tells People that this is because Kim's "original plan was to wait a few more weeks before announcing they are expecting another baby.”

Her reasoning is pretty understandable. "The gestational carrier isn’t in her third trimester yet," the source explained to People "Kim wants to protect the pregnancy and not cause extra stress for the woman who is carrying their baby."

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If the reports of the fourth baby are true, they come as no surprise to Kim and Kanye's friends and family. The source told PEOPLE that Kim, 38, and Kanye, 41, have been talking about having another child basically ever since they brought Chicago home from the hospital almost a year ago.

“Kim and Kanye started talking about a fourth baby before they even left the hospital with Chicago,” the source told PEOPLE. “They absolutely loved their surrogate and were so happy with how smoothly everything went."

Here's to hoping the couple are just as happy this time around!