Huda Kattan Launched A New Skincare Line & The First Product Will Enhance Your Glow

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images

What do you wish for in a skincare brand? If it's simple products with effective results, Huda Kattan's new skincare line, Wishful, might have the products for you. Kattan created the line as a way to target basic skincare concerns and to feel amazing in your skin without makeup. When you look at what's in Wishful's skincare line, Kattan's intention becomes pretty clear, particularly in the first drop. She launched the brand with one sole product, the Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, an exfoliating face wash packed with pineapple and papaya enzymes, BHAs, and AHAs to gently buff away dead skin cells for a smooth, radiant, and even complexion.

The now-sold-out product launched with a limited stock on Tuesday, Feb. 4 exclusively on Huda Beauty's website, but will restock on the site and officially launch in-store and online at Sephora on Sunday, Feb. 16. Yo Glow comes in a pale yellow tube with holographic branding and retails for $39. Wishful as a whole is Kattan's third brand, with Huda Beauty and Kayali fragrances being the other two.

Kattan intends for Wishful's full lineup to target dullness and evening out skin texture, instead of more complex concerns like acne and wrinkles. "We're not going after wrinkles. Because the reality is I Botox," Kattan told Allure in an interview. "I'm not going to pretend."

Some may find it ironic that Kattan, a beauty mogul and content creator whose makeup line and tutorials encourage over-the-top, dramatic beauty beats, wants to bring simplicity to skincare. However, she's aware that skincare routines (like her own) with 10+ products is way too much. “How can we really expect people who are so tired and so busy to understand all those steps?" Kattan told WWD. “We want to be this brand that becomes kind of educational, but also simple. The tag line is, ‘gentle, simple, effective."

While there's no word yet on what the next Wishful launches will be, Kattan did hint to WWD that an expansion into body care is also possible. “The evolution outside of face is big, but we want to keep that simple, too,” she said. An extensive makeup line, perfumes, skincare, and possible body care items? Kattan's beauty empire might soon take care of all of your beauty needs — from head to toe.