Here's What Might've Been Inside Those ColourPop Mystery Bags That Sold Out So Quickly

by Stephanie Montes
trendmood1, colourpopcosmetics on Instagram

There's no feeling in the world like opening a present, am I right? There's this rush that comes over you when you're shaking the box, trying to figure out what's inside. And then, you crack it open to unveil a surprise hand-picked just for you. But honestly, unless it's your birthday month or the holidays, there's not much opportunity for you to recreate that Christmas-morning feeling. However, if you're in pursuit of that rush, ColourPop recent created something that will give you just that. If you're wondering if what's in the ColourPop Mystery Bags, and if they'll restock, just know you're not alone. The Mystery Bags sold out before many even knew they existed.

So wait, what's the deal on these mystery bags? Essentially, ColourPop created "She's A Mystery" mystery bags, which were loaded with $55 worth of ~surprise~ product for just $25 each. And since most of the brand's products start at just $5 per item, you could be looking at a bag packed with up to 10 products — 11 if you count the super cute, rose gold leopard-print resealable bag.

Beauty insider Trendmood1 shared the news on her feed when the bags first dropped, but like any good surprise, ColourPop kept their lips sealed on the contents of the package. However, now that the bags have been out for a bit, some of the lucky beauty junkies who got their hands on a mystery bag revealed the contents of their bags.

Just in case there is a restock from ColourPop on these bags, I won't give away too many spoilers. Just know, you likely can't expect any foundations, concealers or brow products in this mystery bag — it would be impossible to get correct shades to everyone who orders one.

Instead, think items in shades that anyone would be stoked to receive. A Reddit user on the subthread r/BeautyBoxes shared a photo of their Mystery Bag, which you can click here to see if you don't mind spoiling the surprise. However, just know you can expect some of ColourPop's killer eyeshadows (which already run super cheap), some stellar different lip products, and perhaps even one of ColourPop's most recent buzzy launches.

Unfortunately, just one day after Trendmood1 posted the launch on her Instagram, the She's A Mystery mystery bag is sold out on ColourPop's website. And just like that, there's one more mystery we need to get to the bottom of: Will the She's A Mystery mystery bag have a restock, and if so, when?

Well, it's still unclear if they bags will restock, if every bag contained the same products, or if any new bags in the future will contain the same products as the first ones. But given how quickly the bags sold out and how everyone is still buzzin' about them, hopefully the brand will give the people what they want again.

At the end of the day, we know everyone likes a good surprise, so I'm willing to bet this was not the last mystery bag we'll see from the brand. In fact, I'll put $25 on it!