Forever 21's USPS Fashion Line Really Delivers On Affordable Street Style Pieces

IDK about you, but it's been a minute since I came across a street style collection that really felt like the total "package" for me. I've been looking for a collection that "delivers" on the sporty-chic look I can't get enough of, and all puns aside, it's safe to say I've finally found it. Wondering what's in Forever 21's USPS fashion line? It's a mail-inspired line of tees, tube tops, biker shorts, sweatshirts and more, and I'm thisclose to starting a petition to make these pieces part of the official USPS employee uniform, because they aren't just cute, they're comfy AF. And when you've got a ton of express and priority packages to deliver, there's no time for an uncomfortable uniform, am I right?

All in all, the new USPS collection consists of 20 products live on the Forever 21 site right now, available in sizes XS through XL as well as OX through 3X Everything is postal-themed, which I honestly didn't know I'd love, but now that I see it? I'm so into it.

Forever 21

Like hi, yes, I consider myself a top priority, and therefore these Top Priority bike shorts are an essential for me:

The pieces are all done in classic USPS shades of red, white, and blue, but there are edgy, street style-inspired pops of color like neon orange, lime green, and bright yellow in there, too, for a little something extra.

Oh and BTW, it's pretty much all unisex, so anyone can get in on the postal-themed action:

The most inexpensive piece starts at just $10, with the priciest jacket costing $55, so even those of us on a budget can find something cool to wear:

Lots of the tops are graphic-style, but instead of bearing popular bands or cheeky sayings, they're covered in postal-themed references. The Priority Boxy Crop Top ($18, is my fave, because as I said before, I am a top priority.

If the idea of a head-to-toe mail-inspired look isn't easy for you to imagine, you could always play it safe and opt for this USPS Graphic Belt ($10,, which gives major Off White vibes and would look as good with the rest of the collection as it would with a simple tee and jeans.

There are multiple clear pieces in the collection,and I'm really vibing with the USPS Hooded Transparent Jacket ($45, "Official Use" and "Express Mail" are some of the phrases along the sleeves, along with the USPS logo.

Honestly, bonus points for the Label Cropped Tube Top ($13,, which is genuinely creative and would look super cute with my denim shorts this summer. Like, I'd buy this outside of the USPS-themed collection. I just think it's really fun.

My final fave from the drop is the USPS Zippered Clutch ($15,, which for some reason, I really want to use while traveling. Imagine having your passport, flight ticket, and all other important documents in this sweet little mail-themed clutch? I don't know why that sounds so satisfying to me, but it does, and I'm doing it. Thanks.

I'm as excited for this collection as Steve from Blues Clues was to receive virtually any and all types of mail:

If you want to shop the USPS collection, it's up on the Forever 21 site now, and if you're lucky, you can find the pieces in your local store, too. Ordering online seems particularly appropriate for this collection, though, as mail-themed clothes arriving by mail is fitting, to say the least.