Here's Everything We Know About Hannah G.'s Life Post-'Bachelor'

ABC/John Fleenor

Hannah G. seemed like a frontrunner for Colton's heart for much of her time on The Bachelor. After all, she got his First Impression Rose and Colton told her over and over again that she "felt like home." But all of that was no competition for Colton's love for Cassie. In the end, Hannah G. never even got the chance for an Overnight Date because Colton broke up with her so he could fight for Cassie. But now that all that heartbreak is in the past, what's Hannah G. doing after The Bachelor?

For those who missed it, during the overnight dates in Portugal, Colton and Cassie had some major drama when Cassie said she wasn't sure she could match his feelings, and Colton nearly quit the show altogether (after famously jumping an eight-foot fence, of course). This was all while Hannah G., oblivious to it all, patiently waited for her overnight date. That overnight date never came, because before Hannah G. had a chance to tell Colton she loved him, he broke things off with her. A lot of fans feel Hannah G. got cheated out of part of her love story, and Hannah G. still has some feelings about it too. During After the Final Rose, she said that it was hard to watch their breakup all over again. When she had the chance to confront Colton, she told him, "What Cassie did to you was exactly what you did to me, and I was left with nothing."

But, the truth is, Hannah G. wasn't left with completely nothing. For much of her time on The Bachelor, fans didn't get to see much of Hannah G.'s personality. That is, until the Hometown Visits when she freestyle rapped for Colton and her whole family. Bachelor Nation learned that Hannah G. is a rapper, and she even channeled her feelings about getting dumped into "Hannah G.'s Rap Redemption."

In the video, she raps, "Was doing well on The Bachelor / Got the first impression rose / Had some steamy makeout scenes / But the ending really blows." Even though Hannah G. didn't get the happy ending she was hoping for, she did leave her Bachelor experience having learned more about herself. Just in time for the season finale, Hannah G. posted on Instagram with a reflection of her journey on The Bachelor:

In the caption of the post, she wrote:

So thankful for an experience and people that taught me that finally being just myself in the purest way was okay. Showing your true self (weaknesses & all) helps people connect with you, and if they don’t accept it then they’re not for you. Allowing yourself to feel feelings for once and be vulnerable is SO SO hard, especially if you have avoided it your whole life- but is also one of the most rewarding life moments that exists.

It's so nice to see Hannah G. embrace who she really is and show her fans all the sides of her. Now that she's done with this season of The Bachelor, Hannah G. will go back to her work as a content creator, so fans can look forward to seeing more authentic posts from her. Hannah G.'s Instagram is filled with videos and photos of her showing of her personality, so this probably won't be the last fans see of her or her rapping skills.