What Wearing Your Favorite Color Says About You, Because Astrology Isn't Everything


We all have that one uniform that we love to wear more than anything else. It’s what we feel most confident and comfortable in and, more often than not, it’s composed of the same few hues in each of its iterations. What wearing your favorite color says about you, while speculative, is nonetheless a fascinating topic to me, as we as humans have been conditioned to associate certain shades with certain emotions, characteristics, and statuses. In short, wearing a color isn’t just wearing a color — it’s a means of conveying a message to someone without even saying anything to them, simply because of the connotation it holds. No pressure, or anything!

Take, for example, Essie’s range of nail polish colors. The lacquer brand offers an uncountable number of choices, each with a clever name. Many of those names allude to a feeling or idea associated with its base color. Names of pink shades include “My Better Half,” “Spaghetti Strap,” “Blushing Bride,” “Birthday Suit,” and “Lovie Dovie,” which all allude to flirtatiousness. Names of blue shades include “Nama-Stay the Night,” “All the Wave,” “Aruba Blue,” “Smooth Sailing,” which all reference a sense of calm. The names of inkier shades include “Devil’s Advocate,” “Over the Edge,” “Under the Twilight,” and “Wicked,” which have dark and powerful overtones. When you’re buying an Essie shade, you’re also buying into a persona or vibe — even if unconsciously so. The same, of course, goes for your clothing.

In stereotypical New Yorker style, half of my wardrobe is composed of items that are black, one quarter is denim, and the remaining quarter is a hodgepodge of alarmingly random prints and patterns. (I love a good tie dye t-shirt every now and then.) I find all-black and denim-and-black ensembles to be effortless yet chic and incredibly easy to dress up or down with a few cool accessories. They’re what I wear when I want to feel put together but also myself and, to me, are the epitome of timeless cool. However, when I want to go out for a date or a night spent hunting for one, red is absolutely my go-to color. I find there to be nothing sexier than a little red dress, and thus I own three of them.

I say all of this because after looking into what each color represents, my choices make total sense; they help me give off exactly the air I want to give off. Here’s a breakdown of what you’re emitting when you wear your favorite colors – do they match your vibe?


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Passion and love is what immediately comes to my mind when I think of the color red, which makes sense as to why I often wear it for date nights. Along with fiery emotions, it also symbolises energy, power, and aggression (which can be a good thing) — talk about sex appeal!


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Representing loyalty, peace, confidence, and success, blue is a soothing and helps make others around you feel comfortable. Think of the female cast members of This Is Us opting to wear blue to the 2018 SAG Awards. The color of the sky and ocean, it has a calming effect, and is the perfect color to wear when meeting someone new or going to a job interview.


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Whenever I see someone in yellow I automatically assume that they are happy and bright and bubbly. The color of the sun, it symbolizes joy, fun, positivity, excitement, and energy. Yellow is a great color to wear on dreary days when you need an extra boost.


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Another serene color, green is, of course, found plentifully in nature, which gives it a soothing and comforting effect. It’s nurturing, representative of life and growth, and connective to nature.


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Woo, my fave! Black is one of the most versatile color and emits a multitude of things: power, elegance, authority, confidence, and leadership. Although it can sometimes come off as harsh or cold, I believe black to be the ultimate base for an incredible look for any occasion. It’s a universally effortless hue and I love it so.


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We all know what the color symbolises, thanks to the meaning of the white wedding dress, which symbolises purity and innocence. (Another outdated sartorial rule to add to the books, but I digress!) White also represents peace, freedom, and optimism, and looks incredibly fresh and bright.


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Royal purple didn’t get its name from just anywhere! Grapey shades represent royalty, luxury, opulence, and wealth, while also relating the arts and creativity. This shade is approachable yet, seeing it’s a mix of blue and red, slightly mysterious.


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Archaically tied to femininity, pink also denotes flirtiness, affection, and softness. And, as of late, it also represents badass feminists who identify with every gender fighting for women’s rights. Woo!