What Tyler C.'s Zodiac Sign Says About Him As A Partner

Tonight's the big night: We’re finally going to find out which of the to The Bachelorette finalists won Hannah’s heart. But we already know who won America's: the oh-so-dreamy Tyler C. I mean, just look at those cheekbones! Who gave him permission to be so handsome? While the show has given us a good idea of how Tyler woos a partner, it doesn't really tell us anything about what he’s like in a committed relationship. For that, we can look at the stars and consider what Tyler C.'s zodiac sign says about what he’s like when he’s fully booed up.

Tyler was born Jan. 31 under the sign of Aquarius, which, if you’ve ever dated an Aquarian, you already know means he truly is one of a kind. This air sign is ruled by Uranus — the planet associated with freedom and revolutionary vision — which makes him a unique soul who tends to forge and follow his own path. He's also very confident and independent, so he needs a partner who seeks to understand him and find their place in his little world, rather than try to make him conform to theirs. Although, to be honest, he probably couldn't conform even if he wanted to. Here's what else we can guess Hannah might be in for if she gives that final rose to Tyler, based on his zodiac sign.

He wants a friend and a lover.
ABC/Mark Bourdillon

For an Aquarius like Tyler, it's essential that anyone they're getting serious about is both a lover and a friend. They need a partner who they get along with and feel understood by, since being the unique creature they are, they've probably spent much of their lives feeling out of sync with most of the people around them. Once they find that person, they are incredibly loyal and honest. You can always count on your Aquarian partner to be there for you, supporting you when you need it, and giving you honest, constructive criticism too.

And because Aquarius is such an intellectual sign, a mental connection is just as important to them as an emotional one. They look for a partner who can keep up with them during deep discussions, and who may even challenge some of their ideas. That's basically foreplay to this heady sign.

He’s not the "clingy" or "needy" type.

If you want a partner who insists on staying glued to your side at all times, Aquarius is not for you. Nope, this independent sign needs some degree of freedom in a relationship. They aren’t a full-on Sagittarius about it, but they do need to have alone time to pursue their passions and ruminate on their ideas. While that can be frustrating at times when you just want them to sit down and marathon-watch some Netflix with you, it also has a major upside: They're never "clingy" or "needy." They are very self sufficient, so you won’t feel like you constantly having to check in with them or explain why you need some alone time, too.

He has very few boundaries or hangups in the bedroom.
ABC/Mark Bourdillon

Being the unique, nontraditional sign they are means that Aquarius is far from shy when it comes to being a freak in the sheets. Seriously, this sign has no sexual hangups. They like what they like and they aren’t ashamed of it — and they would really like to know what you like so they can give it a try. They love to experiment and push boundaries, so if you have an Aquarian lover, prepare to have all your fantasies fulfilled in a nonjudgmental and enthusiastic fashion.

There are plenty of reasons why Tyler deserves that final rose. But honestly, that last one is what really tips it in his favor, IMO. Also, did I mention his cheekbones? Dear lord, that man is a hottie and an Aquarius. Give him all the roses already.