These Virtual Date Outfit Ideas Are Cute, Cozy, & Already In Your Closet

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As much as you associate a date with nervously waiting at a bar or sitting across from a stranger wondering how anyone is supposed to gracefully eat a huge-ass burger, sometimes, in-person plans just aren't an option. Enter: the virtual date night, an comparable (an arguably better, if you ask me) option for spending time with someone. However, a not-IRL date venue begs a brand-new question: what TF do you wear on a virtual date? Do you go the whole nine yards and wear the dress you've had hanging in your closet for, like, six months? Do you stick with a comfy tee?? What even is the protocol???

The truth is, there is no protocol. Virtual dates didn't even exist, like, 20 years ago. This means the best option is always to go with whatever you feel most comfortable in — whether that's dressed up, down, or the same way you're always dressed. But, if you're stumped, here are some prime outfit ideas to get you started. Bonus: Each of the below ideas is equal parts cute and comfy (if you're not gonna leave your house, you might as well still be cozy). Double bonus: You probably have most, if not all, of these items in your closet already.

Virtual Date Outfit Idea: The T-shirt Dress


Listen, my friend, you literally cannot go wrong with a t-shirt dress. It's airy and a little oversized, so you can feel comfy moving from the floor to the couch to the bed to whatever other room in your house you're virtually flirting. At the same time, it's still a dress, so you'll look put-together for the occasion.

When scouring your closet (or the internet) for a t-shirt dress, opt for something roomy, but in a bright color or with a cute design. Then, pair it with colorful statement earrings and a layered necklace. Wear your hair down with a soft wave, and you're ready to go... er, stay.

Virtual Date Outfit Idea: The One-Shoulder Top

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OK, so your virtual date is likely over FaceTime or Zoom, right? So your date's only gonna see you from the chest up? Pull out that cute one-shoulder top in the back of your closet. The silhouette screams drama, meaning you'll look like you spent a while thinking about this outfit.

Even better, you can wear the top over leggings, joggers, or even your PJ pants, and your date will mostly likely never know. Of course, if you do plan on doing a full virtual entrance where your date will see your entire look, reach for a pair of linen pants. They lack the stiff structure of regular pants (bless), but they pair nicely with fancy and casual items.

Virtual Date Outfit Idea: The Flowy Maxi Dress


If you're a sucker for getting dressed up (I mean, this is a date), might I suggest a fancy, yet comfy outfit: the flowy maxi dress. With a maxi dress, every part of you looks date-ready, from your shoulders to your toes. Even then, you can lounge around however you'd like without fear of accidentally flashing anyone.

IMHO, a floral maxi with looooooots of flow is key here. A print automatically adds visual interest to any outfit. And with warmer weather on the horizon, a floral print can make you feel like, just for a second, you're dining on a breezy rooftop somewhere. To spice up the dress even more, throw on a headband and some colorful earrings.

Virtual Date Outfit Idea: The Casual-Cute Tank


To my people who just want to have a nice date without thinking too much about an outfit, this one's for you. Any of the cute-and-casual tank tops sitting in your closet are perfect for date night, especially because your date will likely only see your top half. Plus, tanks are breathable, incredibly easy to pair, and, if you choose the right material, will still feel like PJs.

Choose something with a print, a fun sleeve, or a bright color, and your date literally won't know if you're sitting in your hole-y leggings. If you're an overachiever, maybe change out of the leggings and into your fave pair of denim shorts to ~complete the look~. Oh, and don't forget to accessorize to dress up the tank a little — some cute hair clips will do the trick.

Virtual Date Outfit Idea: The Comfy Matching Lounge Set

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Trust, I know the earlier outfits all required some form of effort, and I promised I'd give you ideas that still kept you cozy. At last, I present, the comfy matching lounge set. If comfort is of the utmost importance to you (amen, sis!!!) and the idea of changing out of your loungewear seems like an actual nightmare, choose a matching set. I mean, if this connection is gonna last, they're gonna have to see you in your natural habitat eventually.

A printed matching set, like a tie-dye hoodie and jogger or cropped shirt and short set, looks a bit more refined than any old hoodie, but you're still fully wearing pajama-adjacent clothes. To amp up the drama a little bit (you know, so your 'fit doesn't look too much like PJs), wear your blingiest jewelry that makes a statement. A feminist name plate necklace and zodiac sign earrings, for example, will tell your date everything they need to know.

Virtual Date Outfit Idea: The Blazer & Tee


This last outfit idea is the most classic trick in the book for dressing up literally any item of clothing: put a blazer on it! No matter what bottoms or top you're wearing, pull your favorite sleek black blazer on, roll up the sleeves a bit, and your outfit is instantly upgraded. Not to mention, once the date is done, you can toss the blazer off and go back to your regularly scheduled PJ programming.

If you really wanna look like a ~fashion girl~, throw a blazer over a plain white tee, stack on some gold chains, and wear some chunky gold hoops. Then, part your hair in the middle and wear it in a sleek low ponytail. You'll be ready for the virtual date of your life and the 'gram.