Guys Reveal What Costumes They Wish Their Partner Would Wear In Bed & Yeah, This Is Weird

by Candice Jalili

Taking off your clothes is obviously a necessary part of the whole "having sex" process... but what do you wear before you take off all your clothes? What's the hottest possible outfit you can wear to get your partner going? Well, unfortunately, I don't know your partner's personality. I literally have no idea what they like. But a recent Reddit thread asked dudes to share with the class what outfits they'd ideally want their partners to wear to bed, and their answers may be able to give you a little inspiration next time you're trying to decide what to wear during sex.

Read these guys' ultimate costume ~fantasies~ and consider yourselves inspired.

Sexy teacher does it for this dude.

Sexy teacher


A school girl gets him going.

Catholic schoolgirl.


Just be your normal self with this guy... plus a wig.

I'm super into different hairstyles so maybe wigs with different dyes and styles could be fun. More lingerie for sure. I can't think of anything specific I want to see though.


This guy's also into the school girl theme.

Schoolgirl. My friends tell me its creepy. Is it?


Some lingerie is all it takes for this guy.

Nothing, but some lingerie would be cool


A birthday suit works for him.

To be honest, the birthday suit would do me just fine.


He likes a classic-looking, '60s-style woman.

The ladies in Mad Men. Or Jacky Kennedy. That 60's chic look.
January Jones in a pink dress with a pill box hat.


Catwoman gets him prrrr-ing.

Catwoman, which she has done.


He likes you in his clothes.

If literally be fine with her wearing one of my hoodies/jackets and a pair of her nice panties


A thong with some pumps will blow this guy's mind.

A very skimpy g string with some serious catch me fuck me pumps on!


Yet another school girl preference... plus pigtails this time.

I've always been partial to the schoolgirl uniform, including pigtails of course


He likes just leather boots.

Big leather boots and nothing else.


The sexy secretary look is hot to him.

Sexy Secretary.


Just wear your pajamas!



A milkmaid costume does it for this dude.

Out of the blue my wife started talking about how milk maids must have had perfect hands for hand jobs and we started "the milkmaid and the farmer" which was really hot, possibly because it was so unexpected. She has been looking for a suitable dress ever since.


A French maid costume is hot for him.

French maid.


Tinker Bell was more than just a childhood crush for this guy.

Tinkerbell. I'd look as happy as that kid.


Black lingerie is hot for him.

Some black lingerie, stockings and stilettos. Like the GF in Mindhunter


He'd be into a nun.

I dunno why but I've really been in the mood for a nun lately. Maybe the next girl.


He'd love Velma from Scooby Doo to come to life.

Velma from Scooby Doo


He's into Snow White.

Well, I discovered that I have a snow white fetish.


Naked is good enough for him.

Dress up? Doesn't matter as long as she starts getting naked. I'm a simple man.


He wants you to be his sexy yoga instructor.

I have a fitness fetish so tight yoga pants and a hot sports bra will make me instantly hot. Especially role playing she's my private yoga instructor.


All right, now, take your favorite ideas from here (or come up with your own bomb ideas) and go for it!

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