5 Opening Lines For Dating Apps On Valentine’s Day Because Emoji Roses Count, Right?

by Annie Foskett

Hey, want to know something cool about Valentine's Day? If you're single and looking to mingle, the other single people you might want to mingle with are definitely also feeling extra vulnerable and rethinking their anti-relationship status on February 14. Basically, your targets are extra susceptible come V Day, which makes it a great day to go swiping on the apps. How romantic! Now that I've convinced you to get your bum online on the second Wednesday of February, it's a good idea to think about what to say on dating apps on Valentine's Day, because the holiday is going to be the elephant in the chat.

There are a few different approaches you can take when it comes to the V- Day dating app message. You can be extremely explicit and mention the day right off the bat. You can also lightly joke about it a few messages in. Or you can ignore it entirely (though this feels a little bit weird to me — everyone knows what day it is).

Personally, I would go with the first approach. It's Valentine's Day, so use that opening to your advantage. You're already on a dating app, so anyone you're messaging is aware that you're single, and it's OK to own it, even on Valentine's Day. Here are some prompts to consider this V-Day.

1. "Happy V-Day?"

Classic and sweet, with a cute question mark to acknowledge the fact that you're swiping on Valentine's Day. Keeping things simple is underrated, and the question allows you to get a read for what kind of person you just matched with. Are they defensive about being on an app on V-Day? Do they have an excellent sense of humor about it like you? You'll find out pretty immediately.

2. "Be mine?"

This is a rather bold choice, but I like that it shouts out the gross tasting heart candies of elementary school Valentine's memories. Those heart candies are in fact called "conversation hearts," making them a perfect V-Day intro. (Maybe don't go with "Luv me" though.)

3. "LOL"

If your match gets it, meaning that they generally have a sense of what's laughable in the world, they will take your "LOL" and raise you a "Happy Valentine's Day, I guess?" Because yes, it's a little funny to be on a dating app on the one day a year that celebrates couples unabashedly.

4. "Plans tonight?"

I enjoy this approach because it can go one of two ways: if your match is not feeling the "isn't Tinder on V-Day funny" vibes, they can laugh you off and this line works as a funny joke. Or, if your match is genuinely lonely and maybe down to grab a random first-date-on-Valentine's-Day drink, why not go for it? It would be an great story to tell your kids someday.

5. "Will you accept this rosé?"

Type this, and make sure you add a wine glass emoji at the end. Yes, this is a cheap bachelor reference and is probably etched on a wine glass on Etsy somewhere, but I still think it's cute. Again, this line is a vague invitation to your V-Day match in case they actually want to go on a last-minute date, but it's also just a fun opener that lightly references the fact that it's Valentine's Day.

As always, I think that questions are the best opening lines around, and I encourage you to be bold on the apps this Feb. 14, because why not? Remember, everyone's a little more vulnerable on Valentine's Day, so the odds are in your favor.

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