What You & Your SO Should Pack To Get The Cutest Couple Pics On Vacay

by Kristin Corpuz

Traveling with your significant other is such a gift. The two of you get to create new memories together in a different environment. You get to try out different foods, participate in fun activities, and of course, take a million and a half photos to document the trip. In order to get beautiful pictures, you need more than some cute poses and a decent camera: You need to know what to pack for vacation with your partner so you have all of the supplies to make your travel pics pop.

From matching and complementary clothing pieces, to just making sure you have a tripod that can snap pics with a Bluetooth remote, there are quite a few things you can bring to seriously step up your Instagram game for you and your partner. Taking photos together while you're on vacation is definitely a priority, so you want to make sure you're as prepared as possible to snap some memories that will last you the rest of your lives.

If you and your SO are headed on a vacation sometime soon, try following these few tips and investing in a few new items to make your pictures worthy of your amazing trip.

A Bluetooth Remote-Controlled Tripod

I recently started traveling with a Bluetooth remote-controlled tripod, and it's one of the best investments I've made for myself. Though I haven't had a chance to take it on a trip with my boyfriend yet, I know that it's going to make a wonderful addition to our next vacay.

A Bluetooth tripod allows you and your partner to have maximum control over what your photos look like. You don't have the pressure of having to ask someone to take your pics, and you two can pose candidly.

A Pop Socket Or Other Phone Grip

Whether you're standing in front of a waterfall or posing on a hammock at the beach, you need a solid grip on your phone to make sure the selfies come out great. I've found that Popsockets are the best phone grip for selfie taking, and you and your partner can use them to get the best angles for your pics together.

Jackets That Complement Each Other

I always talk about the importance of packing layers, regardless of where you're traveling. In my opinion, complementary jackets can really up the sophistication of a photo with your partner, regardless of whether or not they're the same color.

My boyfriend and I miraculously wear the same size in denim jackets, so we always buy them with the other person in mind. When we travel, we don't mind trading jackets depending on what the rest of our outfits look like. If you and your partner get jackets that work together in photos, they'll instantly make your pictures look more fashionable.

In case you're wondering, the one I'm wearing in the photo is from Ksubi, and the one my boyfriend is wearing is from H&M.

Neutral Outfits
Universal Standard/Revolve

In all honesty, I think there are few photos where an all-white ensemble doesn't work. If you're planning on taking adorable photos with bae while you're on vacay, find white or neutral-colored clothes that are easy-going, breezy, and have flexibility so you can dress them up or down. You can grab the light grey Universal Standard dress here and the Lovers + Friends midi dress from Revolve here.

A Waterproof Phone Case

If you're headed to a beach destination, you definitely need something that'll help protect your phone. Pictures taken from the water can be some of the most epic ones you take on your vacay, so both of you should have waterproof phone cases you can use when you need to snap those candid pics.

Matching Sneaks

Sometimes, all you need to make a picture feel a little more couple-y is to wear matching sneaks. These white ones from Converse are total wardrobe staples, and because they're leather, they're great for traveling. They're easy to clean and they'll pair well with pretty much everything.