The Perfect Name For Your Dog, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You're one of the luckiest people in the world if you're about to finally welcome a furever friend into your life who is entirely yours. Your fur baby is going to love you in ways you didn't even think were possible from a pet. But wait, what name could possibly encompass all of the sweet feels you get from your new fluffy friend? Name picking is really tough, and knowing what to name your dog, based on your zodiac sign, could help you out a bit with the mind-tugging process.

Seriously, naming your pup is a close second or tied first place with naming your actual child. You're going to overthink it, and you will inevitably want to nail down the perfect one. First off, scratch that idea of perfection from your mind. Your dog will make their name; the name doesn't make your dog. Besides, your pup is going to be so excited that he has a new home, he will cherish whatever adorable name you decide to give him. Take some advice from the stars, though, because that same gut feeling that lead you to your dog, is the same one that will guide you to the right name for them. Here are some suggestions.

Aries: Something Pioneering
realelizabethho on Twitter

Aries, your pup seriously needs a name that represents a person or time that set the stage for others — because like you, your fur baby is an outgoing leader. Your pup is innovating your life for the better. Some good choices are Napoleon or Coco.

Taurus: Something Practical
terradale on Twitter

Taurus, your pup needs a name that actually sounds like it could be a dog's name. There's certainly nothing wrong with sticking to the basics for this. Try a name like Skip or Daisy.

Gemini: Something Gentle And Oh-So-Sweet
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Gentle and sweet are languages you know very well, Gemini. Your pup is going to undoubtedly embody those traits and so many more. Try out the names Buddy or Sophie.

Cancer: Something Fresh
kaylapeake on Twitter

By fresh, I mean a name that represents or describes something young and youthful, Cancer. You can perceive fresh as you'd like, and go from there. For now, the names River and Rose couldn't hurt.

Leo: Something Theatrical
nadmendoza_ on Twitter

Your dog is going to be the center stage in your life, Leo. You might as well give them a name that pairs with that pedestal you are going to put them on. You can't go wrong with choosing something like Romeo or Diamond.

Virgo: Something Natural, Like Your Bond
kiki_1525 on Twitter

The instant connection between you and your pup is going to feel so right, Virgo. Just like your bond, names like Denver or Sky come so naturally to mind for your adorable pooch.

Libra: Something Harmonious
pawsinthecity on Twitter

Harmony is just one of the many amazing feelings your new friend is going to give you, Libra. You can depict this idea of harmony in a musical way or literal sense. Lyric or Heavenly should do the trick.

Scorpio: Something Passionate
mallory_powell on Twitter

Putting so much passion behind every task is something a Scorpio does best. Picking your pup's name is no different than anything else's you'd put a maximum amount of thought into. Try something like Lynx or Scarlet.

Sagittarius: Something Witty
milkdic on Twitter

Your dog may not be able to laugh, Sag, but they'll still dig your epic sense of humor. That's why their name has to reflect how much you enjoy the funnier things in life. Thanks to this tweet, Bark Obama or Katy Pawry would be such clever names.

Capricorn: Something Traditional
vocalmun on Twitter

You're no stranger to sticking to tradition, Capricorn. Luckily, there are plenty of traditional dog names for you to choose from. Max or Missy would be a good fit for your furry companion.

Aquarius: Something Original
cbsluckydog on Twitter

Your pup is going to be such an OG, Aquarius. Every dog is unique in their own way, and the name you pick is going to further prove that. Go with a name like Jax or Brinley.

Pisces: Something Artistic
mooonsherbet on Twitter

There's nothing wrong with letting that artsy side of you take over, Pisces. Your dog is about to be that new shade of loyalty you've been craving in your life. Maybe something like Leonardo or Kara will fit the bill.

Naming your pup is only the beginning to all of the miraculous perks you'll get from being a dog mom. A bond couldn't get any more pawfect than this one.