8 Women Reveal What They Do When Someone Hits On Their SOs In Front Of Them, Because WTF

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, he accompanied me on a trip home to San Francisco. One night we went out with a bunch of my friends from high school and college, and a random guy wouldn't stop drunkenly hitting on me. I loved the way my boyfriend handled the whole thing. He laughed it off without a hint of jealousy while still letting me know he was there if I needed him. The whole thing came so seamlessly to him, but knowing what to do when someone hits on your partner can often be pretty tricky.

When the tables have turned and I've had to stand around awkwardly while some girl hits on him, I've found myself totally unsure about what to do. It's not really in my nature to fight or get jealous. But I'm also not sure what, if anything, I'm supposed to do. Do I interject? Do I put a hand on his shoulder to send the unwelcome flirter a hint? Is doing nothing bad?! I have no freaking idea. Well, luckily, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, real ladies shared how they've handled being in this position, and they've got some excellent advice.

She Just Sits Back, Relaxes, And Enjoys The Show
He's usually too oblivious to know women are flirting with him. He just talks to them like he would any other person. I just listen and enjoy how oblivious he is to their advances.


She Trusts That He Can Handle It Himself
Sure. I don't need to do anything because he always shuts that kind of thing down on his own.


She Gets A Good Laugh Out Of It
Several times. I take the metaphorical pop-popcorn-and-enjoy-the-show approach, because there are no trust issues between us. My favorite was the young woman who kept throwing ice at him. She'd take a piece of ice out of her drink, throw it at him, and then look away. When he asked her why she kept throwing ice at him, she denied it completely, and then continued throwing ice at him. I don't know what she expected to come from that angle, but it was funny as hell!


One Simple Flash Of Her Wedding Ring Took Care Of Everything
Yes, many, many years ago. He was friends with the owners of a popular, locally famous restaurant and was doing a large art project for them in a new extension he designed. We went there frequently. One of the waitresses had obvious designs on him. She was a knock-out. Tall, raven haired, model beautiful. She [took] one look at little old me, curled her lovely lip, and the game was on. She touched him at every opportunity, running her hand across his back when she went by our table, scooting alongside him on the seat when she took our order, one sided hugs, breathy blown kisses. It was a shameless display and it amused me. She fancied herself an artist. She would get the skulls of beef cattle killed at a slaughterhouse, clean them out and decorate them with turquoise, beads, paint, and sell them. She would ask him for advice and he gave it happily. I happily went home with him, and felt secure enough. One day she cornered me as I was leaving the ladies room. She told me I was an idiot who could not take a hint, that my days were numbered, that I may as well head back to where I came from, tail between my legs that he had told her he just felt sorry for me and could hardly wait until I was gone. Which is when I showed her my wedding ring. We had gotten married the previous week. I smiled sweetly and walked away.


She Got Slightly Annoyed But Her Partner Made It Better
It’s only happened once while I’ve been around. We were at a bar and he ran into a girl he had a very brief thing with. She gave him a big hug and asked if he was still with me, and he said “Yeah, she’s here actually,” and pointed me out where I was standing at the bar. I waved and her face fell. She apologized to me? It was weird. I was annoyed at the time because I had been drinking a little too much, but my SO was understanding and he cheered me up pretty fast.


Sometimes She Sees It As An Opportunity To Make A New Friend
I just take another sip of my drink and smirk while I watch him handle it. He's always very courteous and kind about it and something about that makes me feel warm and fuzzy about him. Once or twice, it's actually led to an enjoyable conversation between the three of us. Because he is one of those people that could make friends with a tree stump.


She Didn't Do Anything But Wishes She Did
Yeah but barely. I wasn't really paying attention but I noticed someone was talking to him for a really long time. He was trying to get away and get my attention so I could save him from the conversation. He ended up just awkwardly walking away. It was so super cute. He's a special guy.
I didn't do anything. I didn't think I needed to stop the other person. It'd just make me look insecure and silly. However I wish I had taken his cues to help him move on but I just didn't even realize he wanted me to intervene.


She's Amused By The Whole Thing
If I see it happen, I find it amusing. What's to handle? It's not like he can't handle it himself.


The way I see it? You hopefully trust your partner, so them being hit on isn't that big of a cause for concern. Laugh it off, move along, and let yourself fill with pride that your SO got hit on, but that they're yours, and they're not going anywhere. Just be there for them if it seems like they need you to come to their rescue. We all need a bail out every once in a while.

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