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What To Do On New Year's Eve, According To Your Zodiac Sign

New Year's Eve is quickly approaching, and TBH, I was way too busy trying to survive Mercury's retrograde period to even attempt to plan any sort of elaborate festivities. Luckily, astrology always has my back, and a quick hint from my star sign has given me just the insight I need to make my Dec. 31 plans lit as hell. If you, too, are wondering what to do on New Year's Eve, look no further than your zodiac sign to guide you toward the perfect way to kick off your 2018.

Honestly, there's really no way to do New Year's Eve wrong, but somehow, if I'm scrambling for last-minute plans, I always find myself waking up on the morning of Jan. 1 with a raging headache, virtually no recollection of my actions the night before, and a forceful craving for a greasy bacon egg and cheese. Anyone else? Seriously, I'm looking for some support here.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that you don't have to get drunk AF if you're at a loss for what to do (unless, maybe, if you're a Libra). There are plenty of celebratory and unique options to make your New Year's Eve celebration the best one yet.

So, if you still don't have any plans for this NYE, read on for some astrological advice on exactly what to do, based on your zodiac sign. Happy new year, y'all!

Aries Should Rent An Airbnb


There's nothing that gets an Aries going more than a good challenge, that's for sure. Renting a last-minute Airbnb and getting all your friends together for a spontaneous party will be a true test of your organizational skills, but once you pull it off, you'll feel accomplished AF.

Don't forget the snacks. Drunk people love the snacks.

Taurus Is Cool With Keeping It Low-Key For The Night


Taurus gals adore relaxation, tranquility, and stability, which is why a super low-key gathering of a couple of close friends will be just what they need for a super fulfilling New Year's Eve.

Hit up your besties and cuddle up for a quality movie or casual girls' night in. You'll wake up with the biggest smile on your face come Jan. 1.

Geminis Love To Crash A Party


Everyone knows a Gemini: They're those people who can lead a quality conversation for days and are personable as hell.

That's why, if you're a Gemini, you're not going to have the slightest problem with crashing the nearest rager and having the time of your freaking life.

And honestly, the hosts will be glad you're there, because you are the life of the party, girl.

Cancers Will Lean Into Their Homebody Tendencies


Cancers are nurturing homebodies, and nothing about that is changing just because it's New Year's Eve.

Plant your booty on your couch next to your fuzzy fur baby, and watch the ball drop with some yummy treats. This may seem uneventful to some, but to Cancer, it's a dream night in.

Leo, You're Watching The Ball Drop In Person This Year


Leo, you always love being the star of the show, so why not change it up on New Year's Eve and be a tiny speck in a sea of people?

Getting out of your comfort zone is going to be a game-changer in 2018, so watching the ball drop in person and not having all the attention on you (for once) will be entertaining, yet humbling.

Virgo, Take A Chance And Go On A Spontaneous Road Trip


Virgo, you were quick to criticize yourself all through 2017, and you often neglected some much-needed TLC.

Let loose and go for a spontaneous road trip this NYE, girlfriend. The spur-of-the-moment joy will be exactly what you need to kick off the new year, and you'll have an absolute blast spending time with a few friends while jamming out to your favorite throwbacks behind the wheel.

Libra, Give Yourself Permission To Get Turnt AF


Libras are laid-back, peaceful, and harmonious. And that's exactly why, if you have a Libra friend in your squad, it's your duty to get them turnt as hell this New Year's Eve.

They've had enough peace and quiet for the past year, so your Libra BFF needs to let loose and go wild when the ball drops for 2018.

Scorpios Will Be Having Their Own Kind Of Fun


If you didn't already pick up what I was puttin' down here, to ring in the new year properly, a Scorpio will either be rolling around in the sheets with a sexy partner, or taking matters into their own hands (literally).

I could recommend a different activity, but a stubborn Scorpio is unlikely to change her ways, so honestly, just let the girl have some fun. We're all low-key jealous of her anyway.

Sagittarius, Go Dance Your Ass Of At A Concert


Sagittarius chicks are adventurous AF, and scoring tickets to a last-minute concert will be just the right type of spontaneous joy she's looking for this New Year's Eve.

Sing your heart out and dance the night away, my fiery friend. It's sure to be a night you'll never forget.

Capricorns Love A Classy Dinner


Capricorns are mature AF — yeah, you know, the total mom of the group.

That doesn't mean that their New Year's Eve celebrations will be boring, though. Gather some classy peeps and hit up a high-end restaurant. Your hearts and bellies will be full as you ring in 2018.

Aquarius, Dance It Out At A Bar, Girl


Aquarius' are totally unique and one of a kind, and they can show that through some killer dance moves come New Year's Eve.

Hit up a local bar or club with some of your girlfriends, and don't hold back when you hit the dance floor. You'll be sore AF in the morning, but in the best way possible.

Less Is More For A Pisces Chick


Honestly Pisces, I am giving you full permission to do absolutely nothing this New Year's Eve.

Yeah, you heard me. Chilling with a glass of wine while you soak in a bubble bath is your ideal plan for the night, because solitude is truly your jam.

There's nothing wrong with marching to the beat of your own drum, and resting and resetting is where it's at this year, girl.