This K-Pop Group Performed A Real Jam For The Olympics Closing Ceremony

by Laura Rizzo
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The closing ceremony at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics has done a lot of things: honored great athletes, brought countries together, and put on an overall incredible display of lights and graphics. However, it also brought a few amazing bops into the lives of viewers. Tons of great artists took the stage, including K-pop sensation EXO, who performed a song that's still stuck in my head. What song did EXO perform at the Olympics closing ceremony? The band was all about the "power."

EXO was already a much-anticipated performance for the closing ceremony. Being one of the biggest boy bands in all of Asia and having five studio albums released which sold millions around the world, it's safe to say the group has an unbelievable fan base. The nine-member boy band sings and dances to mostly R&B and electronic dance pop tunes, but have been known to change it up with other genres, such as Reggae.

They stuck to their roots with the performance of their hit track "Power." The song off their album, The Power Of Music, is an EDM jam that you'll want to add to your Spotify playlist ASAP. It's a real bop.

The lyrics to "Power" translated to English by Genius Lyrics are all about taking action for the future and using your own (you guessed it) power. The beginning of the song reads,

Don’t hesitate, move on/There’s no time/Your future depends on your imagination/Throw away your fear, we can do it, it’s okay/All the keys are in your possession
You used to dream even when you weren’t asleep/I hope you never forget/Today, let’s burn it up with fun together/Like we’ve become one, feeling feeling/So turn me up

The chorus continues with the catchiest lyrics of all time.

We got that power power/Whenever you see me/Whenever we feel each other’s hearts/Power power/We become stronger/Turn the music up now
We got that power power/Through this music/When we sing with one voice/Power power/We become stronger/Turn the music up now
Power power/Turn the music up now

The last two verses keep up the same energy as the beginning.

Don’t worry anymore, stop/Time is ticking, even now, tik tok/We take a shot/Let’s go, we got bang bang pow wow/With the melody that comes out of your earphones/Shut out all the noise and turn the volume up high/We got that power every time
You used to dream even when you weren’t asleep/I hope you never forget/Today, let’s burn it up with fun together/Like we’ve become one, feeling feeling/So turn me up

The bridge at the end of the song is the final reminder that all our "power" comes from within, and it's inspiring AF.

When tiring days come, remember babe/The beautiful us/The power to get up again/It’s in you/We got that

Their performance at the closing ceremony was incredible. The band danced in white suits on a raised stage in the middle of the arena surrounded by back-up dancers dressed in chic black suits.

David Ramos/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

As it turns out, EXO loves the Olympics as much as the Olympics loves EXO. Before their performance, member of the group Suho gushed to NBC about what an honor it is to perform at the closing ceremony. He said in an interview before the show,

It is quite overwhelming and unbelievable. We have seen other countries holding closing and opening ceremonies for the Olympic games before, so the fact that we are performing at the closing ceremony itself is very honorable and it is really great. I'm feeling a variety of emotions and I might even cry after the show. It is an honor for the entire family and the entire group.
David Ramos/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Their performance was unforgettable, but EXO is just getting started. I have a feeling 2018 will bring even more success for the boy band.

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