So Many Of Your Fave Artists Are Finally Dropping New Albums This Month

Kurt Krieger - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Every Friday, artists put out their best work and stans run to streaming platforms to begin their campaigns for the top spots on the charts. Too many releases go unanticipated or unnoticed when huge album drops happen, so it's crucial for the most exploratory of music fans to stay up to date on their music calendars. So, what new music's dropping in March 2021? From Charli XCX to Justin Bieber, this month is already gearing up to be a big one for pop and hip-hop fans.

Release schedules are always subject to change, but with major label heads betting on their biggest talent to score on streaming in 2021, they're likely to stay put. This is good news for dedicated stans; they have more time to prepare streaming parties, ready GIFs and memes, and promote their faves. It's a tough race to No. 1 on the charts, and no amount of TikTok challenges and catchy verses are enough to secure the top spot anymore if the song isn't great.

So, if you're looking to prepare for what promises to be one of the biggest months of music drops in the past year, look no further than this release calendar. Spot your favorite artists, write down the date, and get ready to stream like your life depends on it.

Week of March 5, 2021

The first week of March is already a doozy for new music releases. From No Rome's collaboration with The 1975 and Charli XCX, to viral TikTok rockstar Blu DeTiger's debut EP, there's no shortage of trending bops to take a listen to.

March 4 - No Rome, The 1975, and Charli XCX's "Spinning"

March 5 - Bebe Rexha's "Sacrifice"

March 5 - Justin Bieber's "Hold On"

March 5 - Blu DeTiger's How Did We Get Here? EP

Week of March 12, 2021

Some seriously heavy hitters are swinging and hitting some sure-to-be home runs this week. The camp-gone-country single "Cowboy" by new artist Allison Ponthier starts off the week with a wild-west bang, positioning the Brooklynite for a fierce start in the industry. Selena Gomez's Spanish-language project and Nick Jonas' solo comeback are two of the key projects to watch out for. Rosé of BLACKPINK is also generating serious hype for her yet-to-be titled solo debut.

March 8 - Allison Ponthier's "Cowboy"

March 12 - Selena Gomez's Revelación

March 12 - Nick Jonas' Spaceman

March 12 - Rosé of BLACKPINK's debut solo release

Week of March 19, 2021

Justin Bieber is slated to make quite the entrance back onto the album charts this week with his sixth album, Justice, a concept record made to combat injustice in "humanity." It will also feature his chart-topping tracks "Holy," "Lonely," and "Anyone."

March 19 - Justin Bieber's Justice

Week of March 26, 2021

It's sometimes hard to know what's coming out so far in advance in the era of surprise releases, but thankfully, March is stacked. Serpentwithfeet's album Deacon is gearing up to be a critical favorite, with the Virgil Abloh and Ty Dolla $ign collaborator finding a sound so unique from anything on the radio right now for the record's first single, "Fellowship."

March 26 - Carrie Underwood's My Savior

March 26 - Serpentwithfeet's Deacon

TBA & Rumored Releases

Rumors about some of the biggest artists in the industry surprise-dropping projects in March have been swirling since the beginning of the year. With Adele and Lana Del Rey slated to put out some sure-to-be bops soon, stans are speculating across social media about release dates.

TBA - Lana Del Rey's "White Dress"

Rumored - Adele's secret project