What Makes Guys Swipe Right On Dating Apps, As Told By 11 Guys

Am I the only one that finds filling out dating profiles super stressful? On one hand, I want to be like, "I am amazing you should totally date me." But on the other hand, I don’t want to come off as narcissistic or like I'm trying too hard to sell myself. Ugh, who needs this kind of frustration? Wouldn't it be nice to have some guidance on how to craft the best bio? For example, it might be helpful to know what makes guys swipe right in the first place.

Good thing Reddit exists, then. A Redditor recently asked guys, "If you've ever hesitated before swiping right on someone, what was the thing that tipped it for you?" As usual, the men of Reddit came through. Some joked, but most answered honestly, and their responses were illuminating. I was actually pretty surprised to learn what the deciding factor is for most of them when they are on the fence about which way to swipe. It goes against the typical guy stereotype I am ashamed to say I was expecting. Spoiler alert: Yes, you really do have take the time to write a good bio after all. Sigh. Oh well. Check out what these forthcoming fellas had to say below.

Because They Like The Photos

Of course. It's not really a hard formula to it. Most of the time all we can do is judge from a picture, which is like picking out a toaster by hearing audio clips of different toasters. It's usually just a guess.

- pikkdogs

I think that about 99 percent of men swipe right on all women and then sort out the matches afterwards. Which I don't get, because what use is there in being matched with a girl you don't want to date anyway? Having said that: I always check all pics and profile before I swipe, and I swipe both left and right. I can't recall a specific instance where I hesitated and what made me swipe right anyway, but in general, I tend to be more 'forgiving' of perceived flaws in her bio (things that would normally make me swipe left) if the girl is hotter than average. Also in general, it seems the younger the girl is, the more 'forgiving' I am about both physical flaws or flaws in her bio.

- Jack-A-Roe31

The "younger they are, huh? Nope, not creepy at all. Ahem.

Because They Like The Bio


Similar hobbies/interests. You never know what sort of connection you will make and the fallback is maybe you have a new friend, if not a romantic partner.

- Cmshnrblu

If they have something interesting in their bio.

- th3BlackAngel

An actual bio always helps. If it's funny/clever/or actually tells me something about who she is it a huge plus. A majority of group photos makes me tip towards the other way. If I don't know which one is her by the first photo, I'm already leaning the other way.

- RavenTaco

Sure, if they have something interesting in their profile or look like they might be fun to hang out with.

- sleepyweaselisawake

Because Who Swipes Left Anyway?

If I remember well, I think I hesitate before swiping right for a particular girl. I am glad to have swiped on the right side, because now we have been a couple for two years! Wise choice.

- Gabpirate

There's literally nothing to lose by swiping right. Swipe on everyone, answer the ones who are interesting, rinse and repeat.

- benicebitch

Being single.

- CoolLordL21

Wow, so picky!

And Then There’s This Jokester

Yeah, sure, but it's kind of awkward if you don't wear a robe and a lightsaber. I mean you just can't walk straight up to someone and swipe right without being a jedi or something.

- RuorimShaikan

To be honest, I totally would swipe right on this guy.

I don't know about you but I was pretty surprised to see how few dudes mentioned your photos. So, I guess the lesson is it’s all about the bio, baby.

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