Girls Reveal Why They Ultimately Swiped Right On Someone After Hesitating At First

Picture this: It's been a long day, but at last it's time to relax. So you pull out your phone, fire up Tinder, and get to work. Left, right, left, right — your finger is a blur of romantic potential and demise. Gut instinct and intuition guides you. But then something happens, someone comes up who requires a little more thought. You finger hovers over your screen with indecision, your head says "left the eff out of them," but then, at the last minute... twist! You swipe right!

OK, that's a little melodramatic, but seriously, what makes girls swipe right? Is it heart? Is it head? A combination of the two? As it turns out, there are lots of reasons why us gals opt to go right. Recently, a Redditor asked a similar question: "Have you ever swiped right on someone after hesitating? If so, I wanna hear about it." As usual, the Internet came through with some surprising and, well, educational answers. It’s always fascinating to see what small (or not so small) detail will tip your finger in one direction or the other. Here’s what 10 women had to say about how they decide which way to go.

Because, Why Not?

“Hmm, he’s cute but idk.... well, what the heck? ~swipes right~” if I end up not liking them I could just tell them it’s not gonna work out.

- RaisingLizzy

"F*ck it."

- liftinggirl

If there's someone I'm hesitating on, I give the tie to the runner and swipe right. Worst that could happen is I end up actually liking them.


Because It’s All About The Bio

If their bio has something witty or funny in it. I’m all for someone that is easy going.

- leelee0350

A really good bio.

- thepapernautilus

Always the bio. Sometimes there are really attractive guys that I’ll swipe left for because they didn’t have anything in their bio. If I’m hesitant after looking at pics, an interesting bio can definitely sway my opinion.

- audreyophile

When they match some of my vague music interests or artists I have on my profile.

- Not-Another-Sicilian

Their bio was well written but I didn't find their photos particularly attractive. This hasn't worked out that well for me, I just wind up going on dates with guys who are cool but I'm not into them. Or they had a shitty/no bio but their photos were attractive (to me, in that they showed some interests/personality as well as me liking the guy's appearance). This hasn't worked out for me either, because if they can't be bothered to write a decent bio the conversation is usually dead in the water pretty fast.


Because Sometimes You Fall For The Ones You Least Suspect

His profile. He was cute, but had a photo in military gear and I'm extremely hesitant to date military. His profile mentioned anime, gaming, and sushi. Boom. I married him two years later.

- MyUsernameForWork

My boyfriend and I met on Tinder. I was mostly there to see if it even worked in my country and it did. I saw his profile, it seemed too good to be true. He was handsome, seemed like he had a good job, and an amazing body. He was also older and I had a hard time believing this person wasn't married by now, his profile was also empty. I wholeheartedly believed he was a catfish. Now, I wasn't actually looking for love or romance, I just mostly joked around and enjoyed making conversation. So when I saw his profile, I said to myself there was no way he was a real person and was about to swipe left, but I was curious to see if he was a catfish and if he and I matched, I told myself I would try best to find out. We did match and he messaged me, I then questioned his identity. He went along with it (he later told me he thought it was hilarious) and gave me undeniable proof that he was who he claimed to be. Now we're dating and I adore him!

- Voxit

What makes you decide to swipe right when you're not sure? Tell us in the comments.

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