A New App Is Trying To Replace The Old Glory Of Vine

Jacob Ammentorp Lund / Stocksy

Vine made just about anything possible in roughly six seconds. As the godmother of true internet comedy, Vine brought us treasures such as, "What are those" and "Who Is She," which had us laughing for weeks on end. Vine truly molded internet culture from its start to its devastating finish in January 2017. But based on several recent rumors, a sequel to the Vine app might be on its way back, reportedly referred to as Vine 2... and it has all of us wondering what V2, an upcoming Vine-like app is, and how it'll be different from its original counterpart.

Us internet trolls and comedy seekers were truly heartbroken after Vine's funeral (aka Twitter bought it and shut it down). We started to get a few hints that things were kind of looking up for the entertainment app, however, when Vine's creator, Dom Hofmann, started posting on a community forum. Out of the abyss, Hofmann started discussing definitive plans for an upcoming app in the works, which he calls V2, not Vine 2. Hofmann went so far to stress that anyone who decides to post in the form shouldn't be referring to it as "Vine 2," because he doesn't want people to associate V2 with Vine, or its former owner, Twitter. Hofmann said,

Please refer to the service only as v2 or V2. Posts using the wrong name may be edited or deleted. Because some of our team founded and worked on Vine, it’s reasonable to assume that there might be a formal connection, but there isn’t one. To be clear, Vine is owned by Twitter and is not associated with v2.

Whatever the name is, though, we'll take it. We're just looking for some of that good, quick Vine-esque humor to re-enter our lives... Am I right? According to TechCrunch, V2 vids will last anywhere from 2 to 6.5 seconds, and like on Vine, each video will repeat on a loop. Users can choose to upload videos directly from their phone or from their camera roll, and the best part is that V2 will allow clips to be edited through other video apps beforehand (holla at those dog ears). On the other hand, there won't be any filters available directly through V2, so users can't directly upload a video with a sweet filter. We're working with what we got, though, and it's looking pretty sweet so far.

TechCrunch goes on to explain that while videos will solely be displayed vertically, V2 users will be able to flip to and from selfie mode, even while recording. The major difference from Vine, which Hofmann stresses, is that V2 will have way more rules and regulations in the realm of using any copyrighted content. Per TechCrunch, V2 will actually take down any videos that play music from a major record label, as well as sound or video clips from any major movie scenes. V2 does have plans to somehow prevent users from stealing others' video content, however, so that's pretty awesome for all of you content creators and artists out there.

So, pretty similar to our original beloved Vine, V2 is basically about to be our saving grace for internet laughs and video creation. Hofmann hasn't yet announced a definitive release date for V2, but he revealed to TechCrunch that they’re actually aiming for a spring 2018 launch... so that could be in just a few months. Are we ready for this amazing comeback? All of us are honestly so excited to be able to once again, laugh in a matter of six seconds, so there's no doubt that all of us are definitely looking forward to what V2 has to offer.

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