The New Tinder U Feature Is Designed Just For Students & Makes Dating Way Easier

by Candice Jalili

When I was in college, dating apps were a relatively new thing. I vividly remember the summer Tinder was founded. It was the summer going into my junior year of college and the only way I heard about it was because my best friend's sister's friend's brother was a founder. (Tight connection, right?) Nobody actually used it at my school and, as a result, I only dated guys I met at parties or in class. But now, thanks to Tinder U, college students today have a totally different dating experience available to them. What is Tinder U, you ask? Allow me to explain.

Remember how I said I heard about it because of my best friend's sister's brother's friend? Well, that guy went to the University of Southern California. That's where Tinder got its start — on a college campus. So, now, they want to go back to their roots and help other students who are currently in college now.

Basically, if you're a student at a university, you have the option to opt into Tinder U. What happens when you opt in? Well, you get a new skin over your profile that let's people know what university you attend. Then, when you start swiping, the app shows you students before they show you anyone else.

Say hello to your new potential formal dates, study buddies, and beer pong partners, people!


In order to opt in, all you have to do is log into Tinder from your campus and enter your .edu email address. If you don't have a verified .edu email, you'll be unable to join. Yeah, they're really serious about making this for students only.

Once you've signed up using your .edu email, you'll get an email to that account asking you to tap the verification button. Tap that and you're ready to rock! And if you're ever in the mood to date people who don't go to your school, no worries. You have the option to turn the feature on and off whenever you please.

In conjunction with the new feature's launch date (Aug. 21), Tinder rolled out a list of its most right-swiped universities. Without further ado, here are the top 20:

  1. Columbia University
  2. University of Massachusetts Amherst
  3. University of Southern California
  4. Florida State University
  5. University of Texas at Austin
  6. Harvard University
  7. Boston University
  8. University of Alabama
  9. University of Arizona
  10. The Ohio State University
  11. Howard University
  12. University of Pennsylvania
  13. New York University
  14. University of San Diego
  15. University of Washington
  16. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
  17. University of Colorado Boulder
  18. University of California - Los Angeles
  19. University of Florida
  20. University of South Carolina

Wondering how Tinder came up with this list? Well, according to their data, people between the ages of 18 and 23 at these 20 universities got the most right swipes in the last academic year.

Even if your school isn't on this list, I'd still highly recommend trying Tinder U if you're looking to meet someone at school who may be outside of your typical day-to-day circle. Why not meet some new people?

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